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GeronimoGeronimo, Apache Indian chief, Mighty Warrior; became a war-chief when sixteen years old, and for almost fifty years led a band of Indian raiders; was a constant terror to the settlers in the Southwest, where he perpetrated many frightful attacks. He was captured near Prescott, Ariz., in 1886, by Generals Miles and Lawton, after a continued chase of four years, at the expense of hundreds of lives. He was first imprisoned at Mount Vernon, Ala., but later at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

This picture of the famed Apache was made in March, 1905. At this time, Geronimo reported that he was seventy six years old. This would indicate that he was born in about 1829. The portrait was made at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the day before the President Roosevelt's Inauguration. Geronimo being one of the famed Indian Warriors who took part in the inauguration. He appreciated the honor of being one of those chosen for this important occasion.




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