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Original 1860's material dealing with the Lincoln Assassination is almost impossible to find today.  It has been horded by serious collectors and investors.  The material that I offer on this page is some of the best examples of this difficult to find subject.

John Wilkes Booth

The Assassin- John Wilkes Booth

This is the famous Harper's Weekly cover with a portrait and lithograph autograph of John Wilkes Booth.  Surrounding the portrait is a detailed account of President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination.  The reverse side of the print has more details on the assassination, as well as a touching tribute to Mr. Lincoln.  This leaf has become almost impossible to find.  Most are in museums, or locked away in the archives of serious collectors and investors.  This leaf is in excellent condition.  This is a spectacular leaf, and the most collected of all original Lincoln Assassination material.  

h1865p257           Price: $650

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

This is a dramatic, original illustration capturing the moment of Lincoln's assassination.  The upper image is captioned, "The Assassination of President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre on the Night of April 14, 1865.  The image shows the president, sitting with his wife, Mary Tod.  John Wilkes Booth is seen approaching the president from behind, his pistol pointed directly at the back of Mr. Lincoln's head.  The lower image is captioned, "The Assassination of President Lincoln at Ford's Theater- After the Act".  This image shows Mr. Lincoln slumping in his chair in his private booth.  Mary Tod is shown reaching over to him. John Wilkes is shown running across the stage with a knife waving in the air.  The crowd is shocked and confused.

This is a stunning print.  You will simply not find a more dramatic illustration of this infamous event.

h1865p260           Price: $245


Abraham Lincoln Assissination

Death of John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth's Death

This original illustration shows the Death of John Wilkes Booth.  The upper image is captioned, "Booth's Capture- The Assassin Brought to Bay".  Booth is pictured inside a burning barn, with a crutch and a rifle in his hand.  The lower image is captioned, "Post-Mortem Examination of Booth's Body on Board the Monitor Montauk".  It shows the burned body of the Assassin on a table.  A group of doctors is examining the body.  A group of sailors is shown looking on.  This is a highly collectible print, and will make a dramatic display.  Click on the image to see a larger picture.

h1865p293           Price: $225

Abraham Lincoln's Funeral

This is a dramatic double page image presenting the funeral procession of President Abraham Lincoln.  The image is captioned, "President Lincoln's Funeral- Procession in New York City- From a Photograph by Brady".  The image shows a number of horses pulling a large and ornate carriage.  The president's casket can be seen on the carriage.  The streets are lined with mourners.  The soldiers in the foreground are marching with their rifles upside down.  This is a touching image of the funeral of the beloved president.  It is an extremely rare and difficult to find leaf. 

h1865p296           Price: $185

Abraham Lincoln Funeral




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