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Original 1861 

Political Cartoon of President Elect Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Political Cartoon

Abraham Lincoln Political Cartoon


Abraham Lincoln Political Cartoon:

You are viewing a rare and original print featuring President Elect Abraham Lincoln. The print is from an original 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly, the most popular illustrated newspaper of the day.  Note that this is not a reprint, and I absolutely guarantee its authenticity.

The lower image is a political cartoon featuring Mr. Lincoln.  The image shows Mr. Lincoln standing with his top hat in his hand, and the print is captioned, "Our Presidential MerryMan- The presidential party was engaged in a lively exchange of wit and humor. The president elect was the merriest among the merry, and kept those around him in  a continual roar." Then in the background is shown a casket labeled, "Union Constitution". This cartoon was printed days before the start of the the Civil War, and is an ominous sign of the bloody conflict that was about to explode onto the pages of our history. 

Also of interest is the top cartoon.  This image shows George Washington kneeling in church to receive communion, but he is about to be booted out, for being a slave holder. The print is captioned, "No Communion with Slaveholders, Stand aside you sinner, We are Holier than thou!"  This is an interesting satire.  The point of the cartoon is that while the North was expressing outrage over slavery, they were forgetting that most of the Founding Fathers of our country were slave holders, including George Washington.

This is a very collectible print, and will make a superb display when framed and placed in your office or study.


Unlike newsprint of this century, these older, original pages do not yellow and fall apart.  The reason is that modern newspapers use an acid based process.   Remnant acid in the paper causes the paper to quickly yellow and deteriorate.   A different process was used in the mid-1800's which yielded an exceptional quality paper that will last for centuries. Special acid free mats should be used when you frame this piece to ensure that it will last another 150 years.  Acid free mats are available at most better frame shops.  If you have any questions related to handling or framing this piece feel free to email me.  The print is approximately 10 3/4 X 16 inches.  I have been collecting Civil War Newspapers for over 10 years.  It is a fascinating hobby, and I find that these pieces really get noticed when framed and displayed.




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