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Stunning, Original 1861 Illustration of the Cooper Union

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 Cooper Union

The Cooper Union

You are viewing an original 1861 illustration showing Cooper Union shortly after it was built.  It is an actual page from an original 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly, the most popular illustrated newspaper of the time.  Note that this is not a reprint, and I absolutely guarantee its authenticity.  This leaf is over 140 years old!

This is a fascinating leaf, highly displayable, and rich with historic content.  At the bottom you can see a picture of the Cooper Union, and it has the caption, "The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art".  At the top is a portrait of Peter Cooper, Age 71 who was the School's benefactor.  Surrounding these images is an incredible story about Mr. Cooper, and his school.  The story includes, "On the 29th of April, 1859, Peter Cooper, at first an humble mechanic, and then a successful merchant of the city of New York, without parade and in the quit of his own home, in the full vigor of his years, and with his children at his side approved the splendid offering, executed and delivered to the trustees a deed for the ground and building of the Cooper Institute".  The story goes on to describe the original purpose of the school, the various departments, number of students and so forth.  Their is simply to many exciting details to describe them all here




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