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1840 Born in Landau, Germany, on September 26.

1846 Moved to the US with his Mother.

1854 Studied art under a German istructor

1856 Began work for Frank Leslieís Illustrated News.

1859 Stated work for New York Illustrated News.

1860 Traveled to Europe to cover Sicily during the Italian Revolution.

1861 Married in the US

1861 Began covering Civil War events for Harper's Weekly. He was a special artist, not a staff artist.

1868 Began his cartoon attacks on Boss Tweed of New York Cityís Tammany Hall.

1870 Created a cartoon donkey as a symbol for the Democratic Party, a symbol that has stuck to this day.

1874 Created the elephant cartoon that became the symbol of the Republican Party.

1886 Left Harperís Weekly after loss of artistic freedom under new management.

1892 Bought his own newspaper, naming it Nastís Weekly.

1893  Nastís Weekly Fails

1902 Appointed by Teddy Roosevelt to position in Ecuador. He died there of yellow fever on December 7.

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