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Uniforms of the Confederacy

Confederate Uniforms

Uniforms of the Confederate Army (Thumbnail above will take you to a detailed image)

The image above presents a spectacular view of the various uniforms of the Confederate States Army.  No less than 26 different styles of Confederate Uniforms are presented, all created by an eye-witness, who made the sketch.  The sketch appeared in the August 17, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly.  The image above is a photograph of the original 1861 leaf from Harper's Weekly.


I will describe the uniforms starting in the upper left of the image, and will progress clockwise. The three soldiers in the upper left are Confederate Infantry.  They are shown wearing the Confederate Infantry Uniforms.  The uniforms are neat, trim, and simple in design.  These soldiers sport a standard Confederate kepi. These Confederate Uniforms are primarily functional, and not decorative.  Fourth from the left is a Confederate Soldier, pictured sitting, with a rifle.  This image is labeled "Uniforms of the Regular Confederate Troops".  The uniform has a belt over the shoulder, featuring the "CSA" emblem on the buckle.  Fifth from the left is a Confederate Cavalry Officer.  His uniform is more ornate.  He wears a more western cowboy style hat.  His uniform also has epilates on the shoulders. The Confederate Cavalry Officer is pictured with a sword, something we do not see for the regular infantry soldiers.

Sixth from the left is a Confederate Artillery Soldier.  He also carriers a sword, and his uniform is slightly more ornate than the Infantry soldier.  The next two soldiers are "Louisiana Zouaves". The Louisiana Zouaves' uniforms are very different in style.  They are not neat and tailored, but instead are very loose and baggy.  One of the Zouaves is carrying a very large Bowie Knife.  Next over is a picture of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans Confederate Uniform.  This uniform is similar to the regular infantry uniform, but this confederate soldier is also carrying a sword.

The tenth soldier from the left, on the top row, is a Mississippi Rifleman. The uniform of the Mississippi Rifleman is also baggy. He wears a western style hat, and carries both a rifle with a bayonet, and a large Bowie Knife.  It is rare to see a Mississippi Confederate Soldier without a Bowie Knife.  To the right of the Mississippi Rifleman is a soldier of the Heavy Infantry of Georgia.  This soldier also carries a large Bowie Knife.  To the right of him is the Alabama Light Infantry.  The Alabama Light Infantry Uniform is tailored, and the soldier carries a rifle and Bowie Knife. Finally, in the upper right is a Confederate Sailor in Uniform.  The Confederate Sailor carries a sword, and has the wide collar expected on a Navy Uniform. The Confederate Navy Uniform fits loose, and looks comfortable.

In the lower right is pictured a Tennessee Sharpshooter soldier.  The Tennessee Sharpshooter Uniform includes a western style hat, a well tailored jacket, and a belt worn over the shoulder.  The Tennessee Sharpshooter carriers a special sharp-shooting rifle. The second soldier from the right, on the bottom row is a Confederate Soldier from the Kentucky Rifle Brigade.  He features a Confederate Uniform with unmistakable Kentucky flair.  The uniform features fringe on both the jacket and the pants.

Third from the right, on the bottom row, is a Greyson Daredevil.  The Greyson Daredevil is shown on a horse, and has a distinct uniform. To the left of the Greyson Daredevil, is a Virginia Cadet.  He has a tailored uniform similar to the regular Confederate Infantry Uniform.  I believe that the Virginal Cadet would refer to a Cadet from the Virginia Military Institute, so the Cadet would likely be under the command of General Stonewall Jackson.

Fifth from the right, on the bottom row is a mounted rifleman form North Carolina. Sixth from the right is a Dragoon Guard, 14th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry.  The uniform of the Dragoon Guard is much more ornate, and looks more like a parade uniform. Seventh from the right, on the bottom row is a Confederate Soldier on horseback from the Black Horse Cavalry.  His uniform is also somewhat ornate. To the left of him is a Gentleman of the Road Independent Cavalry. This Confederate Soldier is also on a horse.  To his left (ninth from the right, bottom row), is a Rockingham Battery Artillery soldier.  This Confederate Soldier is also on horseback.  Tenth from the right, on the bottom row is a Confederate Soldier from the Hampton Legion.  To the left of him is a Confederate Soldier from the South Carolina Light Infantry. Continuing to the left we see a 1st Regiment of Maryland Soldier, and finally in the lower left of the picture is a Volunteer Infantry of Virginia Confederate Soldier.

It is interesting to study all these Confederate Uniforms.  It can be seen that there was a variety of uniform styles within the Confederate States Army.



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