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Confederate States of America

Formation of the Confederacy


This site presents original news reports and illustrations describing the events leading to the formation of the Confederacy, and the start of the Civil War.  We have chosen a format in which you can watch the events "unfold" on the pages of original newspapers, just as the people did some 140 years ago.  If you want just an overview, look at the pictures and read the captions.  If you want more depth, select a newspaper thumbnail to be taken to more details on that topic.

Please note that I hand transcribed all these news stories, so please email me when you find typos.

South Carolina Secession

Secession of South Carolina from the Union December 20, 1860

Mississippi Secession

Secession of Mississippi from the Union, January 9, 1861, Including Jefferson Davis

Alabama Secession

Alabama Secession January 11, 1861

Georgia Secession

Georgia Secession January 18, 1861

Jefferson Davis Inauguration

The Inauguration of President Jefferson Davis, Confederate States of America, February 18, 1861

Robert E. Lee

Confederate Generals

President Davis and Vice President Stevens

Newly Elected President Jefferson Davis and Vice President Stephens, Confederate States of America

Confederate Cabinet

Cabinet of President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate States of America

Confederate States Map

Original 1861 Map of the Confederate States

H. L. Hunley

No Discussion of the Confederacy would be complete without mention of Confederate Submarines

Confederate Flag

Important Information on Confederate Flag History

Confederate Uniforms

Eye-Witness sketch of  Confederate Uniforms

Also Study These Historical Confederate Documents:

A note to our Readers

We hope you enjoy the important historical resource we are making available on this site.  We purchased these original Harper's Weekly illustrations for the purpose of digitally archiving them for all to use and enjoy.  If you are interested in purchasing the original illustrations, now that we have digitally preserved them for posterity, the proceeds from the sale will enable us to secure additional material to archive on this site.  Any of these original, 140 year old pieces may be purchased for $250, with the exception of the Lee illustration, which is $950. Contact for more information. We hope you enjoy the fact that this site remains free of annoying pop-ups and obtrusive advertising.  We are committed to continuing to expand the site, and your participation and help is welcome.



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