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Robert E. Lee's Nicknames

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Robert E. Lee's Nicknames

Marble Model Nickname Given to Lee by his West Point Classmates, as he was the model student.  Lee was the first student to ever graduate West Point without a single demerit.
Granny Lee In the early days of the War, the public viewed Lee as too cautious in battle, and gave him the name "Granny Lee".  It was this patience, wrongly interpreted as reluctance to fight, which enabled Lee to keep the Union forces at bay for almost four years.
The Great Tycoon Given to Lee by his Staff because of the authority with which he managed
The King of Spades Given to Lee by his soldiers because of his propensity to have them "dig in". After the strategy led to crushing defeat of the enemies in battles such as Cold Harbor, it became a term of endearment to Lee.
The Old Man Term of Respect from the Men who fought for him.
Marse Robert Marse is slang for "Master".
Bobby Lee Another affectionate name the Troops used for Lee.


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