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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 26, 1861

We have one of the most extensive collections of Civil War Harper's Weekly newspapers in the country. We have posted our collection on-line for your perusal and study. These original newspapers are a valuable source of original material on the war. Of particular interest is the incredible wood cut illustrations created by eye-witnesses to the events depicted.

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Chickamacomico Battle

Great Eastern

The Great Eastern

Artic Expedition

Artic Expedition

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War Balloons

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Southern Ports and Harbors

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Merchant Steamers


The "Monticello"

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Islands


Paducah, Kentucky

Civil War Paducah

Grim Reaper

Jeff Davis as the Grim Reaper










[OCTOBER 26, 1861.




BEADLE'S MILITARY HAND-BOOK Embracing the Official Articles of War-U. S. Army. Regulations—A Dictionary of Military Terms-Pay List —Rations—Equipments—Courtesies, &c. Price 25 Cents. For sale by all Book and News Dealers and Army Sutlers.

No. 2.    No. 2.

A Collection of the Latest and most Popular Patriotic Songs. For sale by all News Dealers and Army Sutlers. . BEADLE & CO., Publishers New York.

Cloaks !   Cloaks !

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Barnum's American Museum,


"Great Expectations"

Has been dramatized expressly for Barnum's Museum, where it is produced every afternoon and evening, with great effect, by a talented company, with new and gorgeous Scenery, Properties and Costumes, and with a full Orchestra. All the other attractions of the Museum remain in full force, making the most interesting place of amusement in New York ; notwithstanding which the price of admission remains at only 25 cents. Children under 10 years, 15 cents.  

GAME, MEATS, FISH, &c., improved by the use of Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce.

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Portable Printing Offices

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GENERAL GEORGE B. McCLELLAN and our New Union Prize Gift Packages are to be wondered at. Seventy-five cents worth of indispensable articles for 25 cents. Agents are making from $5 to $10 per day. Agents wanted, male and female, everywhere. Address, with stamp for circular, RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York..

AGENTS WANTED.— For the BEST WAR MAPS, VIEWS, and PORTRAITS. —43 Maps, 7 views, 5 Portraits. Samples of all sent on receipt   $1. Circulars
cent ,free. Address E. F. LLOYD, 208 Broadway, N. Y.

SNOW'S No. 623 Broadway, a, few doors below Bleecker Street, now the


of this city, the public may select from an assortment consisting of more than 200 kinds of FRENCH AND AMERICAN CONFECTIONERY, more than fifty sorts, separate or mixed, for 25 cents a pound. EXTRA FLAVOR CHOCOLATES, CARAMELS, AND FRENCH BURNT ALMONDS, for 40 cents a pound, &c., &c.

HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, New York, have just published:

THE OKAVANGO RIVER : A Narrative of Travel. Exploration, and Adventure. By CHARLES JOHN ANDERSSON, Author of "Lake Ngami." With Steel Portrait of the Author, numerous Wood-cuts, and a Map (not contained in the English Edition) showing the Regions explored by Anderson, Cumming, Livingstone, Burton, and Du Chaillu. 8vo, Muslin, $2.50 ; Half Calf, $3.50.

THE SILVER CORD. A Novel. By SHIRLEY BROOKS. Illustrated. (Uniform with Wilkie Collins's "Woman in White.") 8vo, Paper, 75 cents ; Muslin, $1.00.

LIFE IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Life and Adventure in the South Pacific. By a ROVING PRINTER. Illustrations. 12mo, Muslin, $1.25.

THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR. A Novel. By the Author of "Margaret Maitland," "The Laird of Norlaw," " The Days of My Life," &c. 12mo, Muslin, $1.00.

FARADAY'S CHEMICAL HISTORY OF A CANDLE. A Course of Six Lectures on the Chemical History of a Candle, to which is added a Lecture on Platinum. By MICHAEL FARADAY, D.C.L., F.R.S. With numerous Illustrations. 16mo, Muslin, 50 cents.

SEASONS WITH THE SEA-HORSES; or, Sporting Adventures in the Northern Seas. By JAMES LAMONT, Esq , F. G. S. With Map and numerous Illustrations. 8vo, Muslin, $1.75.

FRAMLEY PARSONAGE. A Novel. By ANTHONY TROLLOPE, Author of "Doctor Thorne," " The Bertrams," " The Three Clerks," " The West Indies and the Spanish Main," " Orley Farm," &c. With Illustrations by MILLAIS. 12mo, Muslin, $1.00.

CARTHAGE AND HER REMAINS: Being an Account of the Excavations and Researches on the Site of the Phoenician Metropolis in Africa and other Adjacent Places. Conducted under the Auspices of Her Majesty's Government. By Dr. N. DAVIS, F.R.G.S. Profusely Illustrated with Maps, Wood-cuts, Chromo-Lithographs, &c., &c. 8vo, Muslin, $2.50.

A DAY'S RIDE. A Life's Romance. By CHARLES LEVER, Author of "Charles O'Malley," "Gerald Fitzgerald," "The Martins of Cro' Martin," "Maurice Tiernay," "One of Them," &c. 8vo, Paper, 50 cents.

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Herrmann's Soirees de Prestidigitation
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Notice-During the coming winter it is the intention of Mons. Herrmann to visit the following cities in this State and the West, viz., Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louisville, and St. Louis.

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ARTIFICIAL LEGS and ARMS. — (SELPHO'S Patent), 516 Broadway, New York. Send for a Circular.

Man-of-War Manual.

Manual of Internal Rules and Regulations for Men-of-War. By Capt. U. P. Levy, U.S.N. Cloth, 30 cents. Sent free by mail on receipt of price.

This day published by

D. VAN NOSTRAND, Publisher,

192 Broadway.


Now READY.—A new edition of the choicest Maps, Views, and Portraits published in HARPER'S WEEKLY since the commencement of the War, printed on calendered paper, beautifully colored, Price only 25 cents. Size of Sheet, 40x50 Inches ; contains 12 Maps, 6 Views, 4 Portraits:—PICTORIAL MAP OF THE SEAT OF WAR IN VIRGINIA ; Correct Topographical Maps of MISSOURI, VIRGINIA, the UNITED STATES, the COAST LINE, etc. ; View of FORTRESS MONROE, FORT PICKENS, &c. ; Portraits of Generals MCCLELLAN, MCDOWELL, PRENTISS, and LYON. All were drawn and engraved expressly for HARPER'S WEEKLY, and are the best War Maps, and most beautiful Views and Portraits that have been published. They will be found useful for reference, and as a work of Art highly ornamental.

Agents wanted everywhere, who will be supplied at the following liberal rates, viz. : Single Copies 25 cents ; Six Copies $1 ; Forty Copies $6 ; 100 Copies $12.50. Sent anywhere on receipt of the money. Cash must accompany all orders. Address EDWARD F. LLOYD, Exclusive Agent, 208 Broadway, New York.

Le Bon Ton Journal de Modes.-Best and only reliable Fashion Book. Subscription $5; Single copies 50 c. S. T. TAYLOR & SON, 407 Broadway, N.Y.

Close of the Twenty-Third Volume. HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, For November, 1861.   CONTENTS. BENEDICT ARNOLD. By BENSON J. LOSSING. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Portrait of Arnold.—Arnold crossing the St. Lawrence.—Arnold's Birth-Place.—The Assault on Quebec.—Place where Arnold was Wounded.-Leaving the Congress.—Map of the Battle on Lake Champlain.—Arnold at Saratoga.—Meeting of Arnold and Andre.—Capture of Andre.-Arnold and Balcarras. THE TENEMENT HOUSE.- By FITZ-JAMES O'BRIEN. ILLUSTRATIONS. - The Dinner at Ormolu's. — The Alarm of Fire.—Burning of the Tenement House. MAKING MONEY. ILLUSTRATIONS. —United States Custom-House and Assay Office, New York—The Weigh-Room.—The Court-Yard—The Melting-Room.—Old Crucibles.—Cupellation and Parting Silver.—The Assay Weigh-Room.-Granulating.—Melter and Refiner's Vault.—Pouring out Acid.-The Parting House.—Interior of Vault.-Casting Fine Bars.—Precipitating and Parting Silver.—Grinding and Separating the Dust.—Kent's Gold Separator. THE WOMEN OF WEINSBERG. Illustrated. ABOUT THE FOX AND FOX-HUNTERS. By T. B. THORPE. ILLUSTRATIONS.—A Fox-Hunter. —Portrait of Reynard.—The Meeting.—Riding to Cover.-The Chase. — The Death.—Over the Fence. OLLY DOLLY. NIGHT REVELERS. MODERN AUSTRIA. By JOHN S. C. ABBOTT. WHEN THOU SLEEPEST. By CHARLOTTE BRONTE. CAUSE AND EFFECT. THE GAME OF CHESS. THE ANGEL SISTER. ORLEY FARM. By ANTHONY TROLLOPE.—Illustrated by J. E. MILLAIS. CHAPTER XXV. Mr. Furnival again at his Chambers. CHAPTER XXVI. " Why should I not ?" CHAPTER XXVII. Commerce. CHAPTER XXVIII. Monkton Grange. ILLUSTRATIONS. — "Why should I not.?" —Monkton Grange.

ERNST II. OF SAXE COBURG-GOTHA. By BAYARD TAYLOR. MRS. STIRLING'S RECEPTION. THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP. By W. M. THACKERAY. CHAPTER XXI. Treats of Dancing, Dining, Dying. CHAPTER XXII. Pulvis ut Umbra Sumus.  ILLUSTRATIONS. —At the Last.—A Quarrel.—The End. MONTHLY RECORD OF CURRENT EVENTS. EDITOR'S TABLE. EDITOR'S EASY CHAIR. OUR FOREIGN BUREAU. EDITOR'S DRAWER—(With Eight Illustrations.) MR. DOWNEY IN SEARCH OF PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Bowling.—The Result.—Skating.-Its Effect.—Riding.—The End.—Rowing.—The Trial.—Ball-Playing.—The Work.-Bathing.—Lager. FASHIONS FOR NOVEMBER. ILLUSTRATIONS.—Cloak and Boy's Dress. —Evening Costume and Walking Dress.

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Single Copies Six Cents.


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Two Copies for One Year . . . . 4.00 Harper's WeEKLY and Harper's Magazine, one year. $4.00. HARPER'S WEEKLY will be sent gratuitously for one month—as a specimen—to any one who applies for it. Specimen Numbers of the MAGAZINE will also be sent gratuitously.


Jeff Davis as Grim Reaper



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