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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 25, 1862

This WEB site features the Harper's Weekly newspapers that were published during the Civil War. These newspapers are a great source of original Civil War illustrations, and incredible stories on the key battles and people of the War. We hope that you find this collection useful. Check back often as we add new material each day.


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General George B. McClellan

Slavery Question

The Slavery Question

The Battle of Blue's Gap

Pamlico and Albemarle

Pamlico and Albemarle

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Mississippi Expedition

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British Cartoon

British Cartoon

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Fort Holt

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Fortress Monroe

Bowling Green

Bowling Green, Kentucky

President Lincoln's White House Reception

White House Reception




[JANUARY 25, 1862.


Mr. John Bull, Our "Consistent" Friend and the "Guardian of Civilization."

The Small Politicians in Congress CACKLING at GENERAL McCLELLAN.


"Something New for All."

GEN. GEO. B. M'CLELLAN and our New Union Prize Gift  Packages are to be wondered at. Seventy-five cents worth of indispensable articles for 25 cents. Agents are making from $5 to $10 per day. Agents wanted, male and female, everywhere. Address, with stamp for circular, RICKARDS & CO, 102 Neeau Street, New York.

100,000 BARRELS OF THE LODI MAN'G CO.'S POUDRETTE. For sale by JAMES T. FOSTER, No. 66 Courtlandt Street, New York.

The article is the CHEAPEST, BEST, and MOST POWERFUL

fertilizer offered in market. It ripens crops from two to three weeks earlier, is not dangerous to use, nor exhausting to the soil. It has no equal in gardens, and upon lawns, flowers, and grass land, and more particularly on the corn crop. The SAVING OF LABOR pays for the Poudrette.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. None genuine but Lodi Manufacturing Co.'s Brand, No. 66 Courtlandt Street. The Co.'s Almanac for 1862, with the experience of Horace Greeley, Daniel Webster, and over 100 farmers in different States, will be sent free to any one applying for the same.

Address   JAMES T. FOSTER,

Care of Lodi Manufacturing Co.,

No. 66 Courtlandt Street, New York. 100 Ways to make Money sent on receipt of twenty-five cents. JOS. ADAMS, 83 Nassau Street, N. Y.

AGENTS WANTED to sell Granville's improved Military Writing Desks for Soldiers, Travelers, School Teachers, and Scholars; containing more Stationery, &c., of a better quality, with a better Gift of Jewelry, than has over been put up in any Gift Stationery Packegs. The Desk is stronger, more durable, and far superior to any heretofore offered for sale. The wholesale price same as the usual price for Prize Stationery Packages, or as low as any Desks manufactured by other parties. The retail price, at the discretion of the agents, will sell for 50 cents as readily as those put up by other parties will sell for 25 cents. We will send One Desk with Circular as sample by Express to any person on receipt of 25 cents.

For further particulars address. with stamp,

F. G. GRANVILLE, Syracuse, N. Y.


All Articles for Soldiers at Baltimore, Washington, Hilton Head, Beaufort, and all other places, should he sent, at half rates, by HARNDEN'S EXPRESS, No. 74 Broadway. Sutlers charged low rates.

AGENTS WANTED To sell Yale's Flag of our Union and Military Gift and Stationery Packages. Agents who are now selling imitations, put up by other parties, are respectfully requested to send us their address and we will forward them a sample with circular, which will at once satisfy them that they can make more money and give better satisfaction by selling our packages than any others in market. Address J. W. YALE, Proprietor, Metropolitan Gift Book Store, Syracuse, New York.

Superior Winter Clothing,

Consisting of




And every description of MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING,

Devlin & Co.,

Broadway, corner of Warren Street,

Broadway, corner of Grand Street.


Published weekly in Boston. Racy, spited, abounding in Stories, Essays, Editorials, Fun, Poetry, Receipts, and General Intelligence. Always bright, smart, genial, and companionable. Sold by all News Dealers. 4 cents.

To All who Use Candles.—The CANDLE LAMP sent free on receipt of 25 cents. Agents send for Circular.
WM. SUMNER, Box 5029 N. Y. Post Office. Moravian Boarding School for Boys.
Nazareth Hall, Nazareth, Northhampton Co., Pa. Easy of access from New York, by Central R.R. of New Jersey to Easton, and from Philadelphia by Northern Pennsylvania R.R. to Bethlehem. Agents in New York, Messrs. A. Bininger & Co., Nos. 92 and 94 Liberty Street. Agents in Philadelphia, Messrs. Jordan & Bro., No. 209 N. 3d Street.

Rev. EDWARD H. REICHEL, Principal.

A Beautiful Little Microscope! MAGNIFYING SMALL OBJECTS 500 TIMES, will be mailed to any address on receipt of 25c in silver, and one 3c. FIVE OF DIFFERENT POWERS, free of postage, $1. Address F. C. BOWEN, Lock Box 220, Boston, Mass.


Retailed at Wholesale Prices,

Made to Measure at $18 per doz.



With fine Linen Bosoms, and warrranted as good a Shirt as sold in the retail stores at $2.50 each.


P. S.—Those who think I can not make a good Shirt for $18 per dozen are mistaken. Here's the cost of one dozen $18 fine shirts.

30 yards of New York Mills Muslin at 14 1/2 c. per yd. $4.35

7 yards of fine Linen, at 50c. per yard ......3.50

Making and cutting ..................................6.00

Laundry, $1; buttons and cotton, 50c ....1.50

Profit .........................................................2.65

Total .......................................................$18.00

Self -Measurement for Shirts.

Printed directions for self-measurement, list of prices, and drawings of different styles of shirts and collars sent free everywhere. These rules are so easy to understand that any one can take their own measure. I warrant a perfect fit. The cash can be paid to the Express Company on re-receipt of the goods. The Express Company have orders to allow all parties to examine the goods before paying for them. If the goods are not as represented, you are at liberty to return them.

S. W. H. WARD, from London,

387 Broadway, up stairs,

Between White and Walker Streets, NEW YORK.

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