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Abraham Lincoln Prints

Abraham Lincoln material is the most collected of all Civil War era artwork.  Original, period material of Abraham Lincoln is becoming increasingly difficult to find, as it is being quickly scooped up by serious collectors and investors.  I have an extremely limited supply of original Lincoln material to offer here, and have included the "best of the best" on this page. Each leaf is in fine condition, unless otherwise noted. Each leaf is original and was printed during the Civil War years.  I absolutely guarantee the authenticity of each piece. Click on any of the images for a more detailed view. This material comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are unhappy for any reason, I will provide a quick and cheerful refund. I would be pleased to answer any questions you have, simply email me at paul@sonofthesouth.net.

President Abraham Lincoln

This is an important and highly collectible Abraham Lincoln print. It is from a photograph by Mathew Brady, and is one of the best period portraits of Mr. Lincoln. Making it even more collectible is the intriguing bio of Mr. Lincoln that surrounds the portrait.  The bio starts out with "Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois was born on 12th February, 1809 in Hardin county Kentucky.  His family, although much respected, were not blessed with much of this world's goods, and he was forced to fight his own way through the opening struggles of life's campaign." In this 11 x 16  illustration, Mr. Lincoln is shown sitting in a rather formal pose, and he has his hand on a small table, alongside his famous top hat.  This leaf is 143 years old.  This 1861 portrait captures the dignity and resolve of this great leader, who possibly more than anyone else, was responsible for preserving the Union of the States.

H1861P268          Price $225

President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln Entering Richmond Virginia

On April 4, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln entered the city of Richmond Virginia, the capitol of the Confederate States of America.  This was one day after the fall of Richmond to the Union army.  This, one of the most historic events of Lincoln's presidency, was captured by renowned artist Thomas Nast in this now famous sketch. This messianic scene showing Lincoln being praised and almost worshipped by freed slaves and liberated Southerners.  The famous Nast sketch was published in Harper's Weekly shortly thereafter and this is an original Harper's Weekly leaf of the Nast sketch.  This leaf is 137 years old, and in exceptional condition.

In presenting this illustration, Harper's Weekly predicted the enduring legacy of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator. 

Harper's succinctly stated that "Posterity will see in him a greater man than his contemporaries can acknowledge" and "Among all the incidents of Lincoln's life, none will be more fondly prized and remembered than that which Thomas Nast Captured in this Illustration."  A short ten days after this historic event, President Lincoln lay dying, a victim of the assassin John Wilkes Booth. April 4, 1865 started early for Mr. Lincoln.  He began the day with quiet resolve to personally walk the streets of the fallen rebel capitol.  He left Washington on the Ship the "River Queen", and stayed with the ship as far as Varina.  He disembarked the River Queen, and was taken by Army Ambulance to the outskirts of Richmond Virginia, where he met Union Admiral Porter.  At about 11:00, Mr. Lincoln entered the city of Richmond on foot, accompanied by Admiral Porter, Captain Bell, and a protective force of about a half dozen marines.  Crowds thronged the streets, and chief and eager among them were the emancipated, wishing to pay homage, and give thanks to their Great Emancipator.

The small white boy clutching the President's hand . . . that is Tad Lincoln, the President's son, whom the President had taken with him to the fallen Rebel capital.  This day, April 4, 1865 was Tad Lincoln's 12th Birthday. As Mr. Lincoln and his son walked the streets of Richmond, one group of Newly freed slaves cried "Glory, Hallelujah!" and fell to their knees before Mr. Lincoln. The President motioned for them to rise.  "Don't kneel to me." he told them.  "You must kneel to God only and thank Him for your freedom."  "Liberty is your birthright.  God gave it to you as he gave it to others, and it is a sin that you have been deprived of it for so many years." 

 We often think of the last years of Lincoln's life as filled with the heartache and pain of his heroic efforts to preserve the union and free the slaves.  This illustration is an encouraging reminder that Lincoln did, in fact, have a brief glimpse before his death of his enduring legacy, a United Nation, with Freedom and Justice for all.

This is your chance to own this incredible and rare piece of history.  This original illustration will make a stunning show piece when framed and displayed in your office or study. It will capture the attention and imagination of all who see it.  It is a must have for any serious Lincoln Collector, or student of the Civil War era. I assure you that this piece will become a prized possession for generations to come.

H1866P119          Price $1,100


President Abraham Lincoln and His Secretaries

This is a stunning full page portrait of the President, alongside his secretaries.  This is a particularly nice image of the president, and would make a dramatic display. The men standing with the president are Mr. Nicolay and Mr. Hay, who later wrote a famous book about the President.  This portrait was made at one of the low points of Mr. Lincoln's presidency.  The war was not going well, and his reelection looked doubtful.  The strain of years of war and the burden that this put on Mr. Lincoln clearly shows in this portrait.

H1864P373      Price $200

President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Procession

This is an extremely rare and historical Lincoln piece. It is the cover page of an original 1861 Harper's Weekly.  The print shows Mr. Lincoln in a carriage, surrounded by an adoring crowd.  The capitol grounds can be seen in the background. The print shows Mr. Lincoln as he is about to be inaugurated as President of the United States. Making this print even more important, is the fact that is was drawn by Winslow Homer, the most famous and popular artist of the 1800's. Winslow Homer material is particularly collectible, and this one is extra special because of the important historical content.   

H1861P162           Price $225


Mr. Lincoln Entering the Senate Chamber

This print shows Mr. Lincoln, alongside President Buchanan as they enter the Senate chamber.  This occurred immediately prior to Mr. Lincoln's inauguration.  Above the print is a superb, original story on the inauguration.  The story contains a wealth of important historical details on the inauguration.  This print serves not only as a dramatic illustration, but the story represents an important historical account of the inauguration of the Nation's most respected and loved President. Making the print even more collectible, it was drawn by Winslow Homer, the most famous and popular artist of the 1800's.  This print will become a cherished possession, and is a must have for any serious Lincoln collector.

H1861P165      Price $150

President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln

President Elect Lincoln Addressing the People

This is a dramatic, original Lincoln illustration, showing Mr. Lincoln addressing an admiring crowd.  Mr. Lincoln is presenting an impromptu speech, from the Balcony of the Astor House.  At this time, Mr. Lincoln had won the election, but had yet to take office.  On the back of the print is a nice story which gives details of the speech.  At the point this print was made, Mr. Lincoln and the Nation had no idea of the bloody chapter of history that was about to unfold.  Mr. Lincoln would pay a huge price for the office to which he had just been elected. 

H1861P162           Price $200

President Lincoln on Horseback

This is one of my favorite Lincoln prints- it features the president on horseback.  Mr. Lincoln has his characteristic Top Hat and next to him is General Hooker.  The occasion is the President's review of the Army of the Potomac. 

H1863P277           Price $225


President Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Inauguration

President Abraham Lincoln

The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln

This is a stunning "double wide" Lincoln print measuring about 16x22. This large print will make a spectacular display when framed and placed on your wall.  The print is particularly important because of both the subject matter and the artist.  The print shows Mr. Lincoln taking the oath of office for his first term, standing on the steps of the Capitol.  The print is from an eye-witness sketch made by Winslow Homer.  The print is captioned, "The Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as president of the United States, at the Capitol, Washington, March 4, 1861." It simply does not get any better than this.  This is a rare, original piece, and one that will not want to miss.

H1861P168           Price $250


The Union Christmas 

This is probably the most touching and moving Abraham Lincoln print to come out of the Civil War era. The leaf was printed on December 31, 1864, and Thomas Nast was the artist.  The print shows Mr. Lincoln standing at the door, inviting the Southern Rebels to come in from the cold and snow, and rejoin the union.  A large banquet table has been prepared, and the table has empty chares labeled Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and so forth.  The print has a large banner that reads, "The Union Christmas Dinner, Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men."  The print has four insets, one showing Robert E. L offering his surrender to Grant (something that did happen a few months later.  The second inset is captioned, "Lay Down your Arms and You Will be Welcome", which shows Rebel Soldiers being welcomed back into the Union.  The third inset presents the Rebels as the prodigal son returning home, and the forth inset shows a soldier bowing down to accept a pardon from Lady Liberty.  

This is a large, "double wide" print, measuring about 22x16.  You simply are not going to find a more collectible or displayable Abraham Lincoln piece!

H1864P840           Price $250




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