Battles of the Revolutionary War


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The Revolutionary War is a story of men willing to fight and to die for the ideals of freedom and liberty. Below are the key battles in this epic struggle for independence and liberty.

Lexington Battle

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Bunker Hill Battle

Battle of Bunker Hill


Battle of Ticonderoga

Long Island

Battle of Long Island

Fort Washington

Battle for Fort Washington

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Trenton

White Plains

Battle of White Plains

Battle of Oriskany

Battle of Bennington

Bemis's Heights Map

Battle of Bemis's Heights


Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Germantown

Battle of Germantown


Siege of Savannah

Fallen Timbers

Fallen Timbers (Maumee Rapids)

Stony Point

Battle of Stony Point

Wyoming Valley Massacre

Wyoming Valley Massacre

Massacre of Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Massacre

King's Mountain

Battle on King's Mountain

Battle of Guilford

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Fort Clinton

Battle for Fort Clinton


Battle of Princeton

Battle of Brandywine

Battle on the Brandywine

Charleston Battle

Siege of Charleston

Yorktown Siege

Siege of Yorktown




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