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A "Slave Map" is a map that was produced to graphically illustrate the relative proportion of free and slave populations in a state or county. Some maps used colors to convey this information, while others used a gray scale, with the darker areas representing areas with proportionally more slaves.  For your research and perusal, we have compiled an extensive collection of original Slave Maps.  Also included are maps that simply show Northern and Southern States in different shades, or simply show "The South", with the slave population presented in tabular form on the Legend of the map. Click on the Thumbnails Below to be taken to a larger view of the map of interest.

Georgia Slave Map

1861 Georgia Slave Map

South Carolina Slave Map

1861 South Carolina Slave Map

United States Slave Map

Slave Map of the US Southern States in

Colton's 1861 Map of Southern States

Mason Dixon Line

1861 Map of the Mason Dixon Line

1857 Map Showing Slave and Free States

Virginia Slave Map

1860 Virginia Slave Map

Slave Census

1860 Slave Census




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