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I purchased my first original Civil War print in 1989. It was an image from an 1864 Harper's Weekly. I will never forget bringing it home that evening.  As I gazed at the page in my hand, I thought about the world on the day it was printed;  Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States, slavery was still being practiced in our land, Robert E. Lee was contemplating his next move in the war, and smoke was rising from Atlanta as it was being destroyed at the hand of William Tecumseh Sherman. Holding the print in my hand gave me a connection with these historical people and places that is hard to explain. The connection is similar to that which comes from standing on the battle fields of Gettysburg, looking out across the field where Picket's charge occurred; or standing in the Alamo, and gazing at the spot where Jim Bowie made his last heroic stand against the onslaught of Mexican soldiers.  

There is a feeling, and if you don't understand that feeling, there is no way I can explain it to you.  If you know what I am talking about, then I can say, you will get the "connection" when you hold one of these original prints. Since the night I first brought that print home, I have been "hooked", and I have been collecting these prints ever since.  If you love history, and want to own a small and important piece of it, then collecting these original antique prints might be for you.  In this section of our WEB site, I have put together information intended to help you explore this fascinating hobby.  I have tried to make this site as useful as possible; however, please feel free to directly email me with any questions.  I would be delighted to hear from you! 




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