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Early Texas History (1685-1810)

La Salle - La Salle's Early Expedition and establishment of the First Texas Colony in 1685

Early Indian Inhabitants of Texas around 1685

French and Spanish Territorial Claims to Texas

La Salle's Colony at Lavaca

The Spanish Settlement of Texas

Spanish Missions in Texas

The French and Spanish War over Texas

Texas Between 1721 and 1724

The French and Indian War

Free Navigation of the Mississippi River

First White Settlements in Texas - 1785

War with Spain Avoided -1805

Zebulon Pike's Expedition to New Spain (Texas) - 1806

San Antonio Life in Early 1800's

Mexican Independence Movement in 1810

Exploits of Colonel Ellis P. Bean

The Republican Revolutionary Movement in Mexico and Texas (1812-1821)

Battle of La Bahia (Goliad) - 1813

The Battle of Rosalis (Also Known as the Battle of Salado) -1813

Battle of Medina - 1813

Mexican Revolution -1816

Jean Lafitte

Mexico Gains its Independence from Spain, 1821

The Colonization of Texas (1820-1834)

Stephen F. Austin Establishes his Colony in Texas-1822

Hayden Edwards Grant and the Fredonian Revolution 1824-1827

Texas Affairs: 1825-1830

Mexican Hostilities Towards the Texas Colonists: 1831

Texas Indian Battle: 1831

Texas Colonists Revolt: 1831-1832

The Growing Political and Military Power of Texas: 1832-1833

Sam Houston Moves to Texas: 1832

Santa Anna Elected President of Mexico: 1833

Stephen F. Austin Visits Mexico and is Arrested: 1833

Texas Legislative Actions; 1834

First Revolutionary Movements in Texas: 1834




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