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While the Texas was an independent nation only a short time, it did enjoy its own currency.  This page includes digital images of original Republic of Texas notes and currency. 

Republic of Texas Three Dollar Note

Perhaps most interesting is the Republic of Texas $3 note. The obverse (front) shows a lovely woman sitting next to the Texas Lone Star.  The note also features a picture of a large Cotton Stalk, in full bloom, with the Cotton Bolls Split open and ready to pick.  This would be a symbol of wealth and abundance. The note reads: "The Treasurer of The Republic of Texas, Three Dollars in Promissory."

Republic of Texas Three Dollar Currency

Three Dollar Republic of Texas Note: Obverse


Republic of Texas Five Dollar Bill

The image below shows the Republic of Texas Five Dollar note.  The note shares the same design on the back as the three dollar note.  The obverse, pictured below, has a picture of an Indian, who appears to be thinking.  The portrait on the right of the note appears to be Deaf Smith.

Republic of Texas $5 Bill

Five Dollar Republic of Texas Bill: Obverse

Republic of Texas Fifty Dollar Bill

The fifty dollar bill shows a picture of a woman, and some warships.  At the bottom the Texas Lone Star is featured.  The note reads: "Republic of Texas Fifty Dollars, Treasury Department."

 Fifty Dollars Republic of Texas

Republic of Texas Fifty Dollar Bill: Obverse




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