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Battles and Key Activities of the War for Texas Independence

Start of the Texas Independence Movement, June 1835

Battle of Gonzales, October 1, 1835

Texans' Capture of Goliad, October 9, 1835

Battle of Concepcion, October 28, 1835

Formation of the Provisional Texas Government; November, 1835

Texas Declaration of Adherence to the 1824 Mexican Constitution; November 1835

Texans Lay Siege to San Antonio and the Alamo

Texans Capture of San Antonio and the Alamo; December 10, 1835

Raising Revenue for the War; December 1835

The "Mary Jane" Expedition to Tampico

The First Texas Naval Battle- "The Hanna Elizabeth"

Sam Houston Organizes the Texas Army

Battle of San Patricio; February 27, 1836

Texas Declares its Independence, March 2, 1836

Battle of the Alamo; March 6, 1836

Goliad Massacre; March 27, 1836

Santa Anna's Plans After the Fall of the Alamo

Republic of Texas Adopts a Constitution; March 16, 1836

The Runaway Scrape (Beginning March, 1836)

The Battle of San Jacinto; April 21, 1836




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