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Texas Rangers, a body of armed and mounted men constituting a combined military and constabulary force. It has been in existence for many years; is made up of carefully selected men; and has many deeds of extraordinary daring credited to its memory. As the name implies, this body ranges over the State in the performance of its unique work, at one time assisting the officers of the law in their duties, at others defending the Rio Grande border against raiding cattle thieves from Mexico, and at others suppressing riots and other disturbances of the peace. The best idea of the peculiar functions of this body is obtained from a report of its operations in the single month of December, 1897, when the members made forty arrests for various crimes; were sent on seventy scouting expeditions; assisted sheriffs forty-seven times; guarded jails nine times; attended district courts thirty-four times; made nine attempts to arrest that failed; and traveled 4,843 miles.

Texas Ranger

The "Texas Ranger" from an 1861 Harper's Weekly Newspaper

The Texas Rangers




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