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I have over 5,000 prints in my collection.  Below, for your consideration, are the five prints that are my personal favorites.  I choose them because of their historical importance, their visual impact, and because the topics are of particular interest to me.  Each piece is over 140 years old.  Please click on the pictures to see an enlargement.

President Abraham Lincoln Entering Richmond Virginai

President Abraham Lincoln Entering Richmond Virginia April 4, 1865


In my mind this is the most stunning and collectible of all Civil War Era Abraham Lincoln Portraits. The leaf is from an 1866 Harper's Weekly, and is a large 16 x 20 illustration.  The print represents Abraham Lincoln entering the city of Richmond Virginia several days after its fall in the Civil War.  Mr. Lincoln is shown being almost worshipped by both Blacks and Whites as he walks down the street.  One Black woman is seen holding her small child up to Mr. Lincoln, while another woman is seen kissing his hand. Mr. Lincoln has his trademark top hat, tie, and jacket.  The ruins of Richmond are seen in the background.  This print appeared in Harper's after the assassination, and probably better than any other image captures both the legacy and persona of this great American President. This is a powerful and touching print that will be cherished for generations.


General George McClellan

This is a brilliant, original 1861 portrait of General George McClellan. The sketch is based on a photograph by Mathew Brady. This is the most striking period portrait of a Civil War General to be found.  It is a large 16 x 20 print, and shows General McClellan next to his horse.  This print will become the center of attention when framed and displayed in your home or office.  It was McClellan's tireless and disciplined training of the Union army that played a significant role in its victory in the war, and this print captures the pride and stature of this great man. 


General George McClellan

Lady Liberty and the Rebels

Robert E. Lee and Lady Liberty

This is a touching and moving 1865 illustration by Thomas Nast.  The print is another 11x16 Harper's Weekly original, and shows one of the difficult and trying political debates of the day.  The image shows Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and other Southern leaders bowing in submission to Lady Liberty.  The print is captioned, "Pardon, shall we trust these men?"  Robert E. Lee applied for but was not granted a pardon following the war. The image is from shortly after the end of the War, and shows Lady Liberty pondering the fate of the Southern Patriots.  After the war, the Nation had to decide whether to restore these men's citizenship, or just what to do with them.  This print captures this difficult and trying chapter of our Nation's history.  


On to Richmond

In my opinion, this is the most dramatic Civil War Battle Scenes to be found.  It is a large 16x20 illustration by Thomas Nast, and is from an original 1864 Harper's Weekly. The image shows a determined union force making its way across the battlefield on its way to Richmond.  Fallen soldiers are seen encouraging their comrades on.  The men have a look of fierce determination on their face as they press onward.  The tattered flag is still flying.


The Sharpshooter  

Winslow Homer was one of the most famous artists of the 1800's.  He got his start illustrating the Civil War for Harper's Weekly.  Winslow Homer prints have become the most collected of all Harper's Weekly illustrations, and this one is the most famous and collected Winslow Homer of this era.  The image shows a Union Sharpshooter perched in a tree, drawing a bead on the enemy.  The shooters canteen can be seen in the tree.  The Sharpshooter is the most difficult to find illustration from Harper's Weekly, and this is the first I have been able to offer in some time.  When this one is gone, I don't know when I will be able to offer another one. The leaf in is mint condition.  This one is the best condition I have seen. The print is a fullpage 16x11 leaf.




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