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Johnny Rebel

The picture above is perhaps the finest portrait extant of a Rebel Soldier.  The image was taken in 1913, and shows a proud confederate veteran in front of the Rebel Battle Flag. The old soldier is proudly wearing his confederate uniform, and is looking at a US army canteen, no doubt a souvenir he picked up from some battle long ago. The name of the soldier is not recorded, so we will affectionately remember his as "Johnny Rebel".

During the Civil War, there were three primary symbols of the United States: Uncle Sam, Brother Jonathan, and Columbia. There was, however, only one symbol of the Confederacy: Johnny Rebel, or Johnny Reb.

Johnny Rebel is believed to be an offshoot of "Brother Jonathan", the principal symbol of the United States at the start of the Civil War. Brother Jonathan generally represented our brothers in other states.  Johnny Rebel represented our wayward brothers in the South, or the seceding states.


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