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The Civil War was the first major war that was fully documented through photography. This site presents an in depth exploration of Civil War history, through the extensive photographic record of the conflict.  We will study the war through the eyes of men like Mathew Brady, who painstakingly recorded the details of the conflict.

The site also includes an in depth analysis of photography at the time of the Civil War.  We detail the men, their techniques, and the equipment they used.

This site contains a complete record of the photographs which were taken during the Civil War.  Each photograph is annotated with important historical records.  You can explore the collection by browsing the topics below, or use the search box at the bottom of the page to find photographs on specific topics. Please note that High Resolution scans are available of all the material on this site.

Mathew Brady

Mathew Brady - Civil War Photographer

Civil War Photography

Photographic Record

Photographic Record of the Civil War


Civil War Strategy


The Federal Navy Blockade of the South and its Effect on the Civil War


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