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Winslow Homer was the most beloved artist of the 1800's.  He got his start as a war correspondent for Harper's Weekly.  This section is dedicated to original Winslow Homer prints.

Civil War Surgeon

Winslow Homer- The Surgeon

This is one of the most collected of all Civil War Winslow Homer print.  The print is captioned, "The Surgeon at Work at the Rear During an Engagement".  The leaf was printed in 1862, and shows a surgeon on the battlefield operating on a wounded soldier.  Injured and dying soldiers can be seen being brought to the surgeon.  In the background, an ambulance carriage is bringing more wounded.  The injured are being brought from all directions on stretchers. This is a spectacular, and highly collectible print, and captures the hectic scene of a Civil War "hospital". The print is 16x11.

h1862p436           Price: $270

Winslow Homer- A Bayonet Charge

This is a very famous Winslow Homer illustration printed in 1862.  The print is dramatic, and full of action, showing a graphic, eye-witness account of a bayonet charge.  The print is captioned, "The War for the Union, 1862- A Bayonet Charge".  This print shows the gory details of hand to hand combat in the Civil War. There is a lot of important historical content in this print.  This is a centerfold, making it 16x22 in size, twice as big as most prints.

h1862p439           Price: $225

Bayonet Charge

Dr. Murray

Rev. Dr. Murray

This is one of the lesser known Winslow Homer prints.  In his early career, Winslow Homer was employed by Harper's Weekly to create images from photographs.  This is one of his early drawings found in an original 1861 Harper's Weekly. Below the print is an obituary and biography of Dr. Murray.  This is an excellent opportunity to own an original Homer at an affordable price.  Great opportunity to buy this print to start or finish your Winslow Homer Collection.  Print is 11x16.

h1861p117           Price: $120


Colonel Wilson and Colonel Ellsworth

This is the front cover of an original 1861 Harper's Weekly, which includes a Winslow Homer drawing of Colonel Wilson from a photograph by Mathew Brady.  Above this Winslow Homer illustration is an impressive story on Colonel Wilson, commander of the famous "Wilson's Fighting Brigade".  Story includes famous quote from Wilson as he was raising his brigade, "Boys, you want to come with me eh?, Well if you do three fourths of you will be in your grave in three weeks!"  The leaf also includes a portrait of Colonel Ellsworth, of the Fire Zouaves.  Below his portrait is an interesting bio on him.  The print is in excellent condition, and is 11x16.

h1861p289           Price: $165


Colonel Ellsworth

Seventy Ninth Highlanders

The Seventy-Ninth Highlanders

This is an original 1861 Winslow Homer print captioned, "The Seventy-Ninth Regiment (Highlanders) New York State Militia." The print shows a group of soldiers marching down the street in traditional Kilts.  Homer's trademark signature can be seen printed in the lower right corner.  The print is in excellent condition, and is a great illustration of this famous unit.  Print is 11x16.

h1861p329           Price: $175


Seceding Mississippi Delegation

This is a dramatic and highly collectible 1861 Winslow Homer print from Harper's Weekly. It is a front page illustration, and shows the Seceding Mississippi Delegation in Congress.  Featured on the top and center is none-other-than US Senator, and soon to be Confederate President,  Jefferson Davis.  The drawing was done by Winslow Homer from a photograph taken by Mathew Brady.  This is a historically important print, in that the secession of the Southern states represented the start of the Civil War. The print is in excellent condition, and contains Homer's famous signature printed in the lower left of the drawing. Print is 11x16.

h1861p65           Price: $225


Seceding Mississippi Delegation

Thanksgiving in Camp

Winslow Homer- Thanksgiving in Camp

This is a famous and highly collected Winslow Homer Civil War print. The leaf is captioned, "Thanksgiving in Camp", and Homer's famous signature can be seen in the lower right corner of the print.  The image shows Union soldiers enjoying Thanksgiving day.  The print is rich with historical details, and you can spend hours studying all the interesting content.  The print has the unmistakable Homer style that made him the most popular artist of the 1800's. Print is 11x16.

h1862p764           Price: $225





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