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This Page presents original prints of material of interest to Texas Collectors.  All material is original, and is 11x16 in size unless noted otherwise. These illustrations are over 140 years old.

Sam Houston

General Sam Houston

This is a dramatic, original Portrait of Sam Houston printed in 1861. In this print, Mr. Houston is pictured with his trademark sideburns, and is holding his cane and hat.  The picture effectively captures the dignity and character of this great pioneer. Period prints of Sam Houston are becoming extremely difficult to find. Making this an even more extraordinary historical piece is that the portrait is surrounded by a biography of this Texas Legend. The bio notes Mr. Houston's "Noble Brow and Fierce Eyes" which indeed do show in the portrait. The bio goes on to say that "Probably no man in this country has led so adventurous a life as Sam Houston" and "He grew up as best he could, associating much with Indians and imbibing a fondness for their rude mode of life". The bio describes his exploits with Jackson as an Indian Fighter and his stint as governor and congressman for Tennessee. The bio describes Houston's defeat of Santa Anna, and Houston's success in achieving independence for the Republic of Texas.  A "must have" for any serious "Texas" collector.

H1861P204                     Price $225

Original 1861 Print of the Alamo

What could be a more important addition to any "Texas" collection than an original Civil War print of the Alamo? This is a brilliant print which is captioned,

Above the picture of the Alamo, is a picture of Ft. Lancaster, and a picture of Fort Brown, also in Texas.  This is the perfect gift for any Texan.

H1861P185      Price $200

The Alamo

San Antonio Plaza

The San Antonio Plaza

This is a really nice, original print of the Plaza in San Antonio in 1861.  The print is captioned, "Surrender of Ex-General Twiggs, Late of the US Army, to the Texan Troops in the Gran Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, February 16, 1861.  Shows many armed men on horseback, and a cheering crowd.  I would be interested if anyone who lives in San Antonio today recognizes any of the buildings in this print. 

H1861P184                     Price $225

Original 1861 Print of Texas Forts

This print is an original 1861 showing three forts in Texas.  Pictured at the top is Fort Wachita, in the middle is Fort Arbuckle, and at the bottom, Fort Davis.  Anyone who has ever been to Fort Davis will recognize the lovely Davis Mountains in the background.  The fort can be seen in the background, looking much like it does today.  In the foreground,  is pictured a covered wagon.  This is a nice piece.

H1861P172      Price $165

Texas Forts





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