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This page is dedicated to prints showing eye-witness accounts of famous Civil War Battles.  Each print is original, and I absolutely guarantee the authenticity. Each leaf was printed within days of the battle presented.

Battle Gettysburg

Battle of Gettysburg

This is a dramatic battle scene depicting an eye-witness account of the Battle of Gettysburg, as sketched by Mr. A. R. Waud, one of the most famous Civil War illustrators of the day.  This leaf was printed in 1863 within days of the actual battle. It is one of the most collected of all Civil War battle scenes, and is captioned, "The Battle of Gettysburg- Longstreet's Attack Upon Our Left Centre- Blue Ridge in the Distance". There is a lot of action in this print and a lot of important historical content.  This is a centerfold print, measuring 16x22.    

h1863p504                 Price: $275


Battle of Corinth

This is a superb print depicting the Battle of Corinth.  The print is captioned, "The Battle of Corinth, Fought October 4, 1862- The Struggle of Robinett's Battery- Stanley's Division Coming Up to the Support".  This print shows close range, trench fighting.  Weapons being used in this print include Cannon, Muskets, Pistols, and Swords.  Some hand-to-hand fighting is depicted.  This is a stunning print with great content. This is a centerfold measuring 16x22.

h1862p692                 Price: $160

Jeb Stuart's Cavalry

Jeb Stuart's Cavalry

Perhaps no Rebel unit in the civil war was more admired or feared than the Cavalry of Jeb Stuart.  Period material on this unit is becoming more difficult to find, and this print represents an outstanding find.  It is a very fine "doublewide" print, measuring 16x22.  The print is a dramatic illustration of Stuart's cavalry.  The print is captioned, "The Rebel Raid into Pennsylvania- Stuart's Cavalry on Their way to the Potomac."  Lots of great detail, and fine historical content.

h1862p696                 Price: $165

Battle of Lexington

This is a very elegant print of the Battle of Lexington Missouri, printed in 1861.  The print has a lot of action, and shows men firing cannons and muskets.  Print shows men fighting, the injured being carried away, and above the carnage, the US flag can be seen proudly waving.  This is a great print with lots of good content.  Will display well. This is a standard 16x11 print.

h1861p653                 Price: $120

Battle of Lexington

Battle of Bull Run

The Battle of Bull Run

This is a dramatic and highly collectible illustration of the Battle of Bull Run.  It is from an original 1861 Harper's Weekly.  The print shows an incredible eye-witness view of hand-to-hand combat in this famous battle.  The dead and dieing can be seen laying on the ground.  Men can be seen fighting with knives and swords.  This was one of the first truly big battles of the war.  After the battle the Nation realized that this would not be the short or easy war they were expecting.  This print effectively captures the brutality of the war.  Print is 11x16.

h1861p501           Price: $175

Battle of Snickersville

This is a dramatic print of a Cavalry attack from an original 1862 Harper's Weekly.  The print is captioned, "The Advance-Guard of the Army of the Potomac Attacking the Rebels Near Snickersville."  It is a fabulous illustration showing two Union soldiers chasing a Rebel on horseback.  One Union soldier has caught up with the Rebel, and has his Colt revolver pointed at the Rebel's head, and he is about to pull the trigger.  In the foreground, a rebel soldier lays dieing, apparently shot in the neck. The soldier in the rear can be seen firing his rifle.  This is a stunning print, with lots of Civil War action!  Print is 11x16.

h1862p765           Price: $160

Battle Snickersville

Nathan Bedford Forrest Raid

Nathan Bedford Forrest's Raid

This is a dramatic image and story on Nathan Bedford Forrest's Raid into Tennessee.  It is from an original 1864 Harper's Weekly.  The upper image is captioned, "Forrest's Raid into Memphis- The Rebels at the Gayso House", and it shows a man getting shot on the porch.  The center image is captioned, "Forrest's Raid into Memphis- Escape of General Washburne", and it shows Washburne running from the Raid.  The lower image is captioned, "Forrest's Raid into Memphis- Rebel attack on the Irving Prison". The pictures are surrounded by a detailed account of the raid. There is a lot of interesting details in the story, including the fact that the Rebels were under orders from Forrest to not plunder the place- "under penalty of being shot".  This is a nice print, with many interesting details.  Print is 11x16, and has a few spots of minor foxing.

h1864p588           Price: $175





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