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Berdan's Sharpshooters were one of the most deadly and feared of all Civil War units.  Period material on this famous group is becoming extremely difficult to find, as there is a very active group of collectors.  Below are some very rare examples or original artwork depicting this famous group. Each illustration is an original leaf printed on the date indicated.

Berdan Sharpshooters

Original 1861 Berdan's Sharpshooters Print

This is a historical and collectible print, full of intriguing information on this famous unit. The print shows Colonel Berdan kneeling with his rifle, taking a careful bead on the target.  The inset illustration shows a drawing of the rifle, and a picture of the target, which turns out to be an image of none-other-than Jefferson Davis.  The story is full of rich historical material on this unit.  After reading the story, you will understand why this unit was so feared throughout the war.  The story describes Col Berdan, and his deadly accuracy at over 200 yards, able to repeatably score head shots on the lifesize target of Jefferson Davis. 

The story relates Berdan asking an onlooker, "where shall I put the next shot?", an onlooker answers, "Try the right eye", and no sooner was it said than it was done.  The story goes on the relay the qualifications for joining the unit, including the ability to shoot at 600 ft distance ten consecutive shots at an average of five inches from the bull's eye.  The story says that most of the regiment was much better than this.

This print would make a great gift for any Civil War Collector, and will become a cherished possession when framed and displayed in an office or study.

 h1861p540                 Price: $175

Original Cover Print of Berdan's Sharpshooters

You are viewing an original 1861 Print of The Berdan Sharpshooters. It is the cover page from an original Harper's Weekly, the most popular illustrated newspaper of the day. There is a prominent banner that reads, "The Berdan Sharpshooters at Weehawen" across the top of the print. The print is captioned, "The New Hampshire Sharp-Shooters", and has four vignettes, including  "The Loading Stand", "The Firing Stand", "The Marker and Target", and "Target Firing".  The print also includes a detailed image of the Rifle used by the unit. At the center, is a portrait of "Cap. A. B. Jones, N. Hampshire Sharpshooters".  This is a historic print, with a wealth of interesting material.  The print is in fine condition.

 h1861p625                       Price: $175

Colonel Berdan





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