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The Old West is an exciting area for antique art collectors.  Below we present a variety of historic prints associated with the Old West. Each is original, and printed within days of the battles depicted.

Indian Wars

This is one of the best images of a real Indian Battle that you are going to find.  The print is captioned, "Mounted Messengers Attacked by Indians on the Plains", and it is from an original 1866 edition of Harper's Weekly.  The print shows a dramatic scene where a dozen Indians are in hot pursuit of two mounted cowboys.  One cowboy is seen falling off his horse, as he has been shot in the chest by an arrow.  The one Indian on horseback is seen drawing back his bow, and aiming at the second cowboy.  The cowboy that is left is returning fire with his colt pistol.  While the odds are stacked 10 to 1 against the remaining cowboy, I like to think he made it, and had a story to tell his grandchildren.  This print is 138 years old an in excellent condition. It measures 11x16.

 h1866p20                 Price: $175

h1866p20.jpg (50768 bytes)

Custer's Funeral ! ! !

General George Custer's Funeral

General George Custer is one of the most notorious figures of the Old West, and this original 1877 print shows images of his funeral.  The top picture shows the grave, and an honor guard firing their rifles in tribute.  The bottom picture shoes the caisson carrying Custer's body to the gravesite. The print is captioned, "Bearing the Remains to the Cemetery, The Funeral of General Custer at West Point. Behind the procession is a rider less horse.  It is interesting to note that the rider less horse has a pair of boots in the stirrups backwards.  This was done in tribute to a fallen cavalry officer.  It is a tribute something similar to the missing man formation which is now performed for fallen pilots. Between the two pictures is a story about the funeral. The story gives a very in depth description of the funeral.

 h1877p841                 Price: $150

The Indian War

This is a stunning 1877 print depicting the Indian Wars.  This print has a lot of great historical content, and is a highly collectible print.  The top print shows a dramatic image of the Nez Perce Indians capturing a stage coach.  This is a really great image, and shows a band of Indians in Hot Pursuit of the Stagecoach.  The middle image shows some Indian children on a hill overlooking a large Indian village, with lots of teepees.  The print is captioned, "The Battle of Canon Creek".  The bottom image shows two Indians on horseback chasing a herd of horses.  This image is captioned, "The Nez Perces Driving Ponies."  The overall page is captioned, "The Nez Perces War."  The print contains three inset portraits of General Howard, General Miles, and General Sturgis, all famous Indian fighters.  This is a superb print that will make a great addition to your collection.  This leaf is 126 years old.

 h1877p840                       Price: $165

The Indian Wars ! ! ! !

Chief Sitting Bull ! ! !

Original 1877 Portrait of Chief Sitting Bull

This is a spectacular print dedicated to Chief Sitting Bull.  Led by Sitting Bull, the Sioux Indians resisted efforts of the United States government to annex their lands and force them to settle on reservations. Between June 25 and June 26, 1876, the Sioux, with the aid of other tribes, annihilated a punitive expedition commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  Later, the army feared an uprising and believed that Sitting Bull was the leading instigator. They had him arrested on December 15, 1890. As he was being led away over the objections of his supporters, a gunfight erupted during which Sitting Bull and 12 others were killed.

Sitting Bull is probably the most famous of all Indian Chiefs, and period material on him is becoming increasingly difficult to find. The print has an actual portrait of the chief, shown with long hair and a fur hat.  The print also contains a picture of his teepee, captioned, "Sitting Bull's Traveling Outfit.  

The print also includes several camp scenes associated with the chief.  Also pictured is White Eagle. This print is a highly collectible piece which will make a dramatic display.

h1877p957                       Price: $175 





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