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This page includes original 1860's illustrations of Pennsylvania Civil War scenes.  Each leaf is over 120 years old.

Philadelphia Civil War

Original 1863 Illustration of Civil War Scenes in Philadelphia

This is a stunning print showing the City of Philadelphia during the Civil War. The leaf was printed in 1863 and shows street scenes around the city.  The print is captioned, "The Invasion of the North- Street Scenes in Philadelphia".  This is a very collectible print by Thomas Nast.  Nast prints are sought after by collectors, as he was one of the most popular artists of the day.  The central image shows a crowd of men waving their hats in the air, and is labeled "To Arms! To Arms!".  It looks like a drive to get volunteers to defend Pennsylvania, as the state was being invaded by the South at this time.  The image is in front of the mayor's office.  The upper left show the "Coal Men" volunteering, and has men marching with drums and signs.  

The upper right right image shows the Union League rallying volunteers.  The lower left image shows Negro "contrabands"  volunteering, and the lower right image shows a scene of Blacks volunteering at the Bethel Church.  Lots of good image, and this print would display well.

 h1863p460                 Price: $150


The Battle of Upperville

This is a dramatic print depicting the Battle of Upperville.  The print is captioned, "The Army of the Potomac- Skirmish at Upperville, Virginia".  This print is 11x16 and shows a lot of good action.  It shows a detailed cavalry battle, including a lot of shooting and a lot of injured soldiers. The lower image is captioned, "The Invasion of the North- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania".  This shows a nice image of a bridge across a river in front of Harrisburg.

h1863p461                 Price: $150

Battle Upperville


The Battle of Upperville

The image on the left is a nice illustration of the Battle of Upperville.  The print is captioned, "The Army of the Potomac- Skirmish Near Upperville- Ashby's Gap in the distance".  This is a really impressive illustration, and includes men firing a canon in the foreground, and the background shows a full cavalry charge with hundreds of men on horseback.  Also included in this leaf is a portrait of Admiral Foote and Major Kiernan.  Both are from photographs by Brady.  The text is an obituary of Admiral Foote, who had recently been killed.  The upper right corner of the margin is missing, but I can repair- it won't show when framed.  A nice, collectible print at an affordable price. 

h1863p445                 Price: $150





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