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Each of these illustrations is original, and printed within days of the battle depicted.  These are truly historical pieces.

Siege Vicksburg

The Siege of Vicksburg

This is an original 1863 leaf portraying the siege of Vicksburg.  The image is captioned, "The Siege of Vicksburg- View Upon the Extreme Right, Showing the Mississippi River and Below Vicksburg".  The illustration shows union soldiers in a rifle pit. Interestingly, one soldier is pictured reading Harper's Weekly!  Another 

soldier is pictured firing his rifle, while another is reloading.  This is a nice print showing the interior of a Union trench.  The print will display well, and has lots of interesting historical content.

h1863p468                 Price: $155


The Battle Map

This is an absolutely awesome 1863 battle map depicting the key strategic elements of the Siege of Vicksburg.  The map clearly indicates the position of Union and Rebel forces.  Locations of key battles are all marked, as well as troop movements.  Names and precise locations of plantations, Railroads (including the Vicksburg & Jackson), wagon trails, streams and hills are all marked. This is the most detailed battle map that I have come across.  You can spend hours studying all the rich historic detail.    

h1863p158                 Price: $150 

Vicksburg Map

The Capture of Vicksburg

The is a front page illustration depicting the Capture of Vicksburg.  The upper image is captioned, "The Rebel General Bowen and Colonel Montgomery Arriving at General Burbridge's Headquarters".  The Rebels are pictured blindfolded.  The lower image is captioned, "The Capture of Vicksburg- Interview Between Generals Grant and Pemberton, To Settle Terms of Surrender".  This is a great portrait of the two Generals.  A white flag of surrender is flying in the background.  This is a rare and highly displayable leaf. 

h1863p481                 Price: $150

The Explosion

This leaf shows various interesting scenes around the city of Vicksburg.  Of particular interest is the lower image, which is captioned, "The Siege of Vicksburg- Blowing up the Rebel Fort Hill".  This shows a dramatic scene of the explosion, one of the more unusual events of the siege.  The upper image is captioned, "The City of Vicksburg Before the War", and shows a nice view of the city, with a variety of riverboats in the foreground.  The center images show the tunnel being dug under the hill.  Lots of interesting details in this leaf.

h1863p469                 Price: $150


Vicksburg Explosion




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