Battle of Great Bridge


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Great Bridge

Battle of Great Bridge

Great Bridge, BATTLE AT THE. On the invasion of the Elizabeth River by Lord Dunmore (November, 1775), Colonel Woodford called the militia to arms. Dunmore fortified a passage of the Elizabeth River, on the borders of the Dismal Swamp, where he suspected the militia would attempt to cross. It was known as the Great Bridge. There he cast up entrenchments, at the Norfolk end of the bridge, and amply supplied them with cannon. These were garrisoned by British regulars, Virginia Tories, negroes, and vagrants, in number about 600. Woodford constructed a small fortification at the opposite end of the bridge. On Saturday morning, December 9, Captains Leslie and Fordyce, sent by Dunmore, attacked the Virginians. After considerable maneuvering and skirmishing, a sharp battle ensued, lasting about twenty-five minutes, when the assailants were repulsed and fled, leaving two spiked field-pieces behind them. The loss of the assailants was fifty-five killed and wounded. Not a Virginian was killed, and only one man was slightly wounded in the battle.



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