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Fort Sullivan

Battle Map for the Attack on Fort Sullivan

Sullivan, FORT, the former name of Fort Moultrie. On the morning of July 30, 1776, General Lee reviewed the garrison of Fort Sullivan, and bestowed on them marked praise for their valor and fortitude in its defense. At the same time Mrs. Susanna Elliot, young and beautiful, with the women of Charleston, stepped forth and presented to Moultrie's regiment a pair of silken colors, one of blue, the other of crimson, both richly embroidered by their own hands. In a low, sweet voice, Mrs. Elliot said: "Your gallant behavior in defense of liberty and your country entitle you to the highest honors. Accept these two standards as a reward justly due to your regiment; and I make not the least doubt, under Heaven's protection, you will stand by them as long as they can wave in the air of liberty." On receiving them Moultrie said: "The colors shall be honorably supported, and shall never be tarnished." On the morning of July 4 Governor Rutledge visited the garrison, and in the name of South Carolina thanked them; and to Sergeant Jasper he offered a lieutenant's commission and a sword. The sergeant refused the former, but accepted the latter. The fort on Sullivan's Island which Moultrie had so gallantly defended was renamed Fort Moultrie.



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