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Columbus, BARTHOLOMEW, elder of Christopher Columbus; born in Genoa about 1432. In 1470, when Christopher went to Lisbon, Bartholomew was there engaged as a mariner and a constructor of maps and charts. It is believed that he visited the Cape of Good Hope with Bartholomew Diaz. Christopher sent him to England to seek the aid of Henry VII. in making a voyage of discovery. He was captured by pirates, and long retained a captive; and, on his return through France, he first heard of his brother's great discovery beyond the Atlantic, and that he had sailed on a second voyage. Bartholomew was cordially received at the Spanish Court, and Queen Isabella sent him in command of three storeships for the colony in Hispaniola, or Santo Domingo. His brother received him with joy, and made him lieutenant-governor of the Indies. He was uncommonly brave and energetic, and, when his brother was sent to Spain in chains, Bartholomew shared his imprisonment, was released with him, and was made Lord of Mona—an island near Santo Domingo. He died in Santo Domingo, in May, 1515.



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