George Washington's Constitutional Letters


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Washington's Letters on the Constitution.—The personal influence of Washington in securing the meeting of the constitutional convention, in directing its deliberations, and in commending the new Constitution to the people, was the greatest and the determining influence in that critical period. The accompanying selections from his large correspondence upon this important subject while it was pending will indicate the character of that influence and of Washington's sentiments concerning the new national government. The student is referred to vol. xi. of Ford's edition of the writings of Washington for the complete collection of his letters during this period. He will also find in that volume Washington's diary during the constitutional convention, which, although but a skeleton, will give him an insight into Washington's life in Philadelphia from May to September, 1787. In the various Lives of Washington, in the last volume of Bancroft's History of the United States, in Fiske's Critical Period of American History, and in other American histories, are good accounts of the disorders following the Revolution, and of the successful measures, so largely directed by Washington, which gradually brought order out of chaos. In the series of Old South Leaflets are many which will be of use in this connection. Among these are Washington's Circular 'Letter to the governors of the States in 1783 (No. 15), Washington's Letter to Benjamin Harrison in 1784 (No. 16) , Selections from the Debates in the Constitutional Convention (No. 70), Selections. from the Federalist (No. 12), and Washington's Inaugural (No. 10).

The Constitutional Letters of George Washington

George Washington's Letter to John Jay

George Washington's Letter to James Madison

George Washington's Letter to Henry Knox

Washington's Second Letter to Knox

Washington's Second Letter to Madison

George Washington's Letter to Patrick Henry

Washington's Third Letter to Knox

George Washington's Letter to Bushrod Washington

George Washington's Letter to David Stuart

George Washington Letter to Edmund Randolph

George Washington's Letter to Marquis de Chastellux

George Washington's Letter to Thomas Jefferson

George Washington's Letter to Henry Lee

George Washington's Letter to Alexander Hamilton




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