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Andrew PickensPickens, ANDREW, military officer; born in Paxton, Bucks co., Pennsylvania, September 19, 1739. His parents, who were of Huguenot descent, went to South Carolina in 1752. Andrew served in the Cherokee War in 1761, and at the beginning of the Revolutionary War was made a captain of militia and soon rose to the rank of brigadier-general. He, with Marion and Sumter, by their zeal and boldness, kept alive the spirit of resistance in the South when Cornwallis overran South Carolina. He performed excellent service in the field during the war, and for his conduct at the battle of the Cowpens Congress voted him a sword. He led the Carolina militia in the battle of Eutaw Springs, and, in 1782, a successful expedition against the Cherokees. From the close of the war till 1793 he was in the South Carolina legislature, and was in Congress from 1793 to 1795. In the latter year he was made major-general of militia, and was in the legislature from 1801 to 1812. A treaty made by him with the Cherokees obtained from the latter the region of South Carolina now known as Pendleton and Greenville districts, and he settled in the former district, where he died August 17, 1817.



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