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Daniel MorganMorgan, DANIEL, military officer; born in Hunterdon county, New Jersey, in 1736; at the age of seventeen he was a wagoner in Braddock's army, and the next year he received 500 lashes for knocking down a British lieutenant who had insulted him. That officer afterwards made a public apology. Morgan became an ensign in the militia in 1758; and while carrying dispatches he was severely wounded by Indians, but escaped. After the French and Indian War he was a brawler and fighter and a dissipated gambler for a time; but he reformed, accumulated property, and commanded a company in Dunmore's expedition against the Indians in 1774. In less than a week after he heard of the affair at Lexington he had enrolled ninety-six men, the nucleus of his famous rifle-corps, and marched them to Boston. He accompanied Arnold in his march to Quebec in 1775, commanding three companies of riflemen, and in the siege of that city was made prisoner. As colonel of a rifle regiment, he bore a conspicuous part in the capture of Burgoyne and his army in 1777. After serving in Pennsylvania, he joined the remnant of the defeated army of Gates at Hillsboro, North Carolina; and on October 1 was placed in command of a legionary corps, with the rank of brigadier-general. He served under Greene; gained a victory in battle at the Cowpens (for which Congress gave him thanks and a gold medal) ; and was in Greene's retreat. He led troops that suppressed the Whiskey Insurrection, and was a member of Congress from 1795 to 1799. He died in Winchester, Virginia, July 6, 1802.



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