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Liberty Tree Monument

Engraving by Paul Revere Showing the Monument Built Under the Liberty Tree

This is a fascinating engraving by Paul Revere created in the year 1766, as Revolutionary Fervor was spreading across the colonies. The engraving depicts a monument, or obelisk under the Liberty Tree, and the engraving shows the scene on each of the four sides of the monument.

The engraving is titled, "A view of the obelisk erected under Liberty-tree in Boston on the rejoicings for the repeal of the ---- Stamp Act 1766 / Paul Revere, sculpture"

The engraving captures the thoughts and mood of the colonies at the time of the repeal of the Stamp Act. The obelisk was erected on Boston Common in celebration of the repeal of the Stamp Act. Each side has a scene which portrays one phase in the struggle against the Stamp Act. They are titled: "1. America in distress apprehending the total loss of Liberty. 2. She implores the aid of her Patrons. 3. She endures the Conflict for a short Season, and 4. And has her Liberty restord by the Royal hand of George the Third."

Above each illustration are text and pictures of friends of American liberty, including the Duke of York, Marquis of Rockingham, Queen Charlotte, George III, Gen. Henry Seymour Conway, Isaac Barre, William Pitt, the Earl of Dartmouth, William Beckford, Charles Townshend, Lord George Sackville, Dennis de Berdt, John Wilkes, and the Earl of Camden. At the bottom of the print is the legend, "To every Lover of Liberty, this Plate is humbly dedicated, by her true born Sons, in Boston New England."



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