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Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty. At the period of Zenger's trial (1735) the radical opponents of the royal governors were called Sons of Liberty; but the name was not often heard until after the memorable speech in the House of Commons (1765) of Colonel Barre against the taxation of the Americans. In reply to Charles Townshend's assertion that the colonies had been cared for and nourished into strength by the indulgence of the British government, Barre scornfully denied it, saying that care was exercised in sending unfit persons as governors to rule over themó" men whose behavior on many occasions had caused the blood of those sons of liberty to recoil within them." The associated patriots in America instantly assumed this name. They were chiefly ardent young men, who loved excitement, but who were truly patriotic. They had, as a general rule, nothing to lose, let events turn as they might. Persons of consideration and influence, though they generally favored the acts of the Sons of Liberty, kept aloof from open coalition with them, for prudential motives; for the combination appeared dangerous. Their first business seemed to be the intimidation of stamp-distributors and to oppose the act in every way; but they finally, spreading widely over the colonies from Massachusetts to Georgia, became the most radical leaders in the quarrel with Great Britain and promoters of the Revolutionary War, in which many of them became distinguished leaders in the council and in the field. The Sons of Liberty often met under the Liberty Tree in Boston.



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