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When you purchase an original antique print you have the responsibility to protect and preserve it for the generations to come. This section details some of the important issues in protecting your historical print.

The first issue is associated with properly unpacking the print.  If you purchase the print from me, it will come to you in a priority shipping carton from the US Post Office.  I take extra special care in packing the prints to ensure they will arrive at your door unharmed. 

It is important for you to carefully unpack the print.  Sometimes people are excited to see the print, and tear into the mailing carton, only to damage the print.  Please open the carton carefully- remember that it contains a rare and collectible piece of history- take your time; you will be glad you did. Once you unpack the print, you need to take special care in handling it.  It will come in a clear plastic sleeve, and you should consider leaving it in the sleeve until you are ready to frame it.  It is best to keep the print away from food and beverages, to avoid unfortunate accidents.

When it comes time to frame the print, it is important to tell the frame shop to only use acid free mats and backing boards.  Today, most better mats are acid free.  However, it is equally important to use acid free backing boards, and normal foamboard which is often used is not acid free.  

In addition, specifically request that the framer NOT use scotch tape to secure the print to the mat.  You should have the print secured to the mat with archive grade mending tape or other product specifically designed for this purpose. 




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