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American Flag

American Flag

This is a photograph of the American Flag. This particular flag is the one that flies in front of my home. I have two fifty foot flag poles . . . one holds the Texas flag, and the other one proudly holds the American Flag. Each flag is 5 X 8 feet in size.

I love the American Flag. When I was in school, we started each day with the pledge of allegiance, and the Lord's Prayer. My how things have changed in this country in the last 35 years. The ideals of God, Family, and Country have been pushed out of the Public Schools, and in their place we find violence and all manner of rotten things.

I sometimes wonder if anyone loves this old flag any more. Many don't because they are ashamed of our heritage, and believe that the United States has been a force of evil in the world. They trample and spit on the flag, and those that proudly serve under it. Others don't love the flag, because of what the country has become. They feel that special interests and political correctness have created a country that Washington, Jefferson, and Hancock would no longer recognize.

As for me, I still love the flag. I love it for all the people that have fought and died under the flag, and for all the people that have been liberated by it. It is a symbol of hope and beacon of freedom. I love the flag for all the good our Country has done, and the great things yet to be achieved.

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