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Fannin, JAMES W., military officer, Texas Patriot; born in North Carolina in 1800; took part in the struggle between Texas and Mexico, serving as captain; associated with Captain Bowie; at the head of ninety men he defeated a much greater force of Mexicans at San Antonio. On March 19, 1836, he was attacked by a Mexican force under General Urrea. He succeeded in driving off the Mexicans, but they returned the next day with a reinforcement of 500 men, together with artillery. Resistance being practically useless, they surrendered upon condition that they be treated as prisoners of war. After being disarmed they were sent to Goliad, Texas, where by order of General Santa Anna all American prisoners, 357 in number, were marched out in squads under various pretexts, and were fired upon by the Mexicans. All of the prisoners were killed with the exception of twenty-seven, who escaped, and four physicians, whose professional services were required by Santa Anna. See MASSACRE AT GOLIAD, CAPTURE OF SAN ANTONIO





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