David Crockett


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David CrockettDAVID CROCKETT; Tennessean, US Congressman, Pioneer, and Hero of Texas and the Alamo, was born in Limestone, Tennessee on August 17, 1786. His education, which consisted mostly in the fearless use of the rifle, he had himself acquired in the then unsettled forests of West Tennessee. Having strong natural powers of mind, he was elected to the state legislature, and subsequently as representative to Congress. But he did not comprehend the machinery of the federal government. The rules of Jefferson's manual were to him as mysterious as the Delphian oracle. Hence his efforts in the house of representatives were abortive, and so notoriously so, that he was not returned. The struggle then pending in Texas was more to his taste, and he came to take part in it.

Don Augustine Viesca and his secretary, Don Irala, having made their escape from Mexico, sought an asylum in Nacogdoches. They were received by the citizens with open arms, not only because of their adherence to republican principles, but because of the high offices they held in the late government of Coahuila and Texas. A sumptuous table was spread for them in the large hall of Major Nixon, and they had sat down, with the citizens, on the 5th of January, 1836, to partake of it. It was then announced that David Crockett had arrived in town, on his way to the Texan army. A committee was forthwith dispatched to wait on him and bring him to the feast. His appearance in the hall was greeted with three hearty cheers. He added greatly to the pleasure of the company by his numerous and quaint stories. Having declared his intention to become a citizen of Texas, he proceeded to the office of Judge Forbes, to take the oath of allegiance. He refused, however, to subscribe to it, until that clause requiring him to "bear true allegiance to the provisional government of Texas, or any future government that might be thereafter declared," was so interlined as to make it read "any future republican government.". Having settled these points, he set out with a few companions for the seat of war, and reached the Alamo in time to reap a rich harvest of its glory and blood. David Crockett was killed at the Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836.





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