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Uncle Sam Cartoon

Uncle Sam and John Bull

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This is a very early cartoon featuring Uncle Sam and a John Bull.  The cartoon has the caption:


UNCLE SAM (to Young John Bull). "There, JACKY—there's one of Daboll's New Fog-Whistles for you. You're always in a Fog about our affairs, you know. Now go and blow it upon Cape Race, and say it was UNCLE SAM sent you."

British mischief during the American Civil War was a constant source of frustration for Abraham Lincoln and the loyal union citizens. While Uncle Sam was the Symbol of the United States, John Bull was the symbol of Great Britain. The cartoon above, which appeared in the January 16, 1864 edition of Harper's Weekly, shows John Bull as an ignorant, spoiled little boy.  Uncle Sam is shown in his star-spangled shirt, and striped pants, giving a whistle to little John Bull.


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