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Uncle Sam and Volunteers

Uncle Sam and Volunteers

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This is a cartoon featuring Uncle Sam and a Volunteer Soldier. It is from the August 9, 1862 edition of Harper's Weekly. The image has the caption:


JOHN BULL. "Insensate and degenerate People!" (Vide London Times.)

U. S. VOLUNTEER. "What's that? I'll 'degenerate' you, you Old Snarling Hypocrite!"

UNCLE SAM. "Easy, my Son; let the Rods soak a little longer in the Pickle! Easy a little while longer!"

This is a patriotic image depicting the Country's frustration with Great Britain during the Civil War. John Bull was the symbol of Great Britain, and in this cartoon is pictured taunting the United States.  The US volunteer is ready and eager to lay into John Bull, but the wise Uncle Sam councils patience.  Inside the Pickle Barrel are shown Uncle Sam's rods of the Tariff, Monitors, Dahlgren Guns, and Parrot Guns.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Great Britain had the most formidable Navy in the world.  Its warships were rendered obsolete with the introduction of the Iron Clad Monitors in the United States. This cartoon depicts the fact that immediate confrontation with Britain was not required, since with each day that passed, Great Britain's former glory was continuing to fade.


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