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On the Trail of Ben Sublett

Welcome to Ben Sublett's Lost Gold Mine Site!

The WEB's most extensive resource for information on the lost Ben Sublett Gold mine! The story of the Sublett mine is one of the most intriguing of all tales of lost treasure.  Most stories of lost treasure are mythical in nature and involve tales of unimaginable riches, told around campfires for endless generations, no doubt becoming more fabulous each  time the story is told.

The unique thing about the Ben Sublett treasure is that there is credible, documented evidence from a variety of eye-witnesses that Ben Sublett did indeed have an unknown source of gold and wealth.  The eye-witnesses were interviewed by credible authors and journalists, and extensive documentation exists that the fundamental story is, in fact true.

The Second unique feature of the Sublett Mine is that there are genuine leads, documentation and clues on the general location of Sublett's mine.  Several people were either told of the mine, or taken to it. The third unique feature that makes the Sublett case one of the greatest opportunities in modern treasure hunting history is that is has never been found.

So, the Sublett mine is in fact a reality, and sits today quietly waiting for someone to find it.  This site is dedicated to compiling as much information as possible to serve as a resource for the modern treasure hunter in search of the Sublett mine. We hope you find the resources on this site useful.  Good luck, and if you find it let me know!




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