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Many have emailed me and asked for suggestions for the beginning treasure hunter.  Below I have prepared a list of "Must Have" Resources for the beginning or experienced Treasure Hunter.  Click on the buttons to purchase the suggested material from


Coronado's Children by J. Frank Dobie

If you are interested in Buried Treasure, and can  have only one book, this is the book for you.  Simply stated, it is the richest source of Treasure infoormation available today, and it gives extremely valuable clues for all the big lost mines and treasures in the south, west, and southwestern United States.  This is the primary starting point for any treasure hunt.

Even for those that will not be organizing a treasure hunting expedition, this is one of the most enjoyable books with incredible true tales of the old west.



The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector:

The most important tool for the modern treasure hunter is a quality metal detector.  The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a quality, entry level metal detector.  It has the features that will let you get the job done, and a price that will fit any budget.  Ask any treasure hunter, and they will tell you that a quality metal detector is the most important single tool in bringing home the gold.  The Bounty Hunter is a brand famous for quality, performance and reliability.  We recommend buying from Amazon.  Amazon offers free shipping.  They also feature a very friendly return policy if the item is not what you expected for any reason.  If you are new to treasure hunting, get started our right with the Tracker IV.


The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Metal Detector:

For the professional Treasure Hunter who is ready to move to the top of the line metal detector, we present the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger.  Bounty Hunter's Land Ranger detector offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting, with exhaustive features for professional treasure hunters. The fully submersible, 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil features an interchangeable coil, and the Ground Trac function automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions. The Land Ranger boasts a large, multifunction LCD readout with touchpad control that displays target ID, depth, sensitivity level, a ground balance monitor, iron level discrimination, and the battery level. The touchpad keep all modes of operation accessible while the LCD acts as a constant reference source. We found the touchpad to be relatively intuitive, even for someone who's never used a metal detector before.




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