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Picture of Confederate Flag

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This Image shows a nice picture of the Confederate Flag flying over the Marshall House Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia.  This is a fascinating image with an interesting story.  It is the the front cover from an original June 15, 1861 Harper's Weekly.  The cover shows three images.  First there is a picture of the Confederate Flag flying over the Marshall house.  Second, there is a picture of the Murder of Colonel Ellsworth, and finally a picture of the secessionist soldier accused of the murder. The story reads as follows:


We publish herewith a picture showing the manner in which Colonel Ellsworth was murdered.  It is from a rough sketch by Brownell, the gallant young Zouave who avenged the Colonel's death.  The circumstances of the murder were fully detailed in our last number.

Picture of Confederate Flag

 Confederate Flag

We also give a view of the Marshall House at Alexandria, where the murder took place.  it is , as our picture shows, a second-rate tavern: its keeper Jackson, who murdered Ellsworth, and was so instantly punished for the deed, was notorious as a secessionist leader, and a man of violent habits.  He had been engaged in several street frays growing out of the secession question, and like too many Southerners, was prompt with the knife and pistol.  We notice that he is becoming a martyr among the Southerners: at Mobile alone, $1100 have been collected for his widow.

Accompanying these pictures we publish a portrait of the secessionist prisoner caught at Alexandria with a rifle of preposterous length and make.  All these pictures are from sketches by our special artist accompanying the troops into Virginia.

- - - - - - End of Harper's Article - - - - - -

In looking at a close up of the picture of the confederate flag, the flag is the "Stars and Bars" National Confederate Flag, and appears again to be the 8 star version of the flag.  This would indicate that the 8th star was in use as early as June of 1861.



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