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Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 27, 1861

This Harper's Weekly newspaper features eye-witness pictures and stories describing a number of important events at the early stages of the Civil War. It has a nice picture of the Battle of Winchester, and the Battle of Hoke's Run. It also features a nice full page picture of Washington DC, showing the unfinished US capitol dome.

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Boonville, Missouri

Prentiss Williams

General Prentiss and Williams

Rich Mountain

Battle of Rich Mountain

Louisiana Zouaves

Louisiana Zouaves

Hoke's Run

The Battle of Hoke's Run

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Review of New York Troops

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The Battle of Rich Mountain

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Wilson's Zouaves

Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July Celebration

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Civil War Camp Life

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Washington D.C. Pictures


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[JULY 27, 1861.


How "The Southern Commissioner" tried to mould public Opinion in England.


She Picks his Pocket of his Model Steamer,   And makes off with it to the " Sacred Soil."


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