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Civil War Harper's Weekly, July 20, 1861

This Civil War newspaper shows nice eye-witness illustrations showing Harper's Ferry, The Brooklyn Navy-Yard, and Pirates. There is news of the day, as well as a description of the Battle of Martinsburg.

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Civil War Arsenal

Theodore Davis

Theodore R. Davis

The Battle of Martinsburg

Eleventh Indiana Regiment

Eleventh Indiana Regiment

Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown, Maryland

Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry

Camp Life

Civil War Camp Life



Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy-yard

Broadway, New York

Speaker Grow

Speaker Grow

Washington Map

Washington Map

General Patterson

General Patterson

Slavery Cartoon

Slavery Cartoon





[JULY 20, 1861.


The North as Painted by the South ;

Or, Cuttings from the Rebel Newspapers Illustrated.

"The Hotels are closed from want of Customers. Northern Merchants now Lunch off a Crust and Pump Water."

"The Ladies of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, having now literally nothing to wear, make Furs of their 'Back Hair.'"

" Since we cut off the Federal Post Service, the Northern Papers don't sell. The Editor of Ha—p—'s W—kly can't afford to have his Hair cut."


"Golly! I don't know whar de Cottin's gwine to cum frum. Dar's Ole Massa gone an' 'scribed Five Hund'd Bale to de Sudern 'Federy Gov'ment, and ain't got a speck ob Cottin in de groun' ; gone an dug um all up, an' planted Corn. Dis Chile's under de 'pression dat Massa Bull or some odder pusson on de outside gwine to be sucked in when dey cum to git dat Cottin for de Money dey 'vanced. Massa ses to Maj. BUCKNER—let's git all de Money we can on de strength ob de Cottin crop, an' den let 'em whistle for de Cottin."


MR. BULL. " But, my dear JONATHAN, I only wish to look in and see how that Cotton Crop is coming on, you know. Am about advancing some Money on it, bless your soul, and would like to see if everything's all right, you know."

JONATHAN. "Can't come it, Ole Feller!"


SERGEANT (appealingly). "Now then, Gentlemen, once more. Eyes Front !—and pray, Gentlemen—pray don't Stare about you, as if you were in Church!"


Army Express.— Adams's Express Company run daily Expresses to all the regiments. Packages for soldiers carried at half price. Office No. 59 Broadway.

To be Good Looking.

Old Faces made to look Young
and Beautiful.

You may obtain a handsome complexion, exempt from Pimples, Blotches, &c., by using DR. TUMBLETY'S PIMPLE BANISHER. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Sent by mail or express to any address.

Office 499 Broadway, N. Y.

Perfect Fitting Shirts,

MADE TO MEASURE AT $18 PER DOZEN. Printed directions for Self-Measurement, list of prices, drawings of different styles of Shirts, sent free everywhere. S. W. H. WARD, from London, No. 387 Broadway, N. Y., up Stairs. General Scott's Infantry Tactics;  OR,

Rules for the Exercise and Maneuvres of the United States Infantry.

3 vols. 24mo, Muslin, $2.50.
Published by Authority.

United States Army Regulations.

Approved by the President of the United States, and Printed under the Directions of SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War.
12mo, Muslin, $1.50.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square; New York

Ladies of Boston
Newspaper Editor
John Bull
Union Cartoon



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