The Battle of Chickamauga


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Civil War Harper's Weekly, October 31, 1863

Welcome to our extensive collection of Harper's Weekly newspapers. These papers are available online. Reading about the war on the pages of these old papers allows you to watch the events of the war unfold in real time. The papers have interesting insight and perspective not available elsewhere.

(Scroll Down to See Entire Page, or Newspaper Thumbnails below will take you to the page of interest)


Army of the Cumberland

Rosecrans Removed from Command

Bristoe Station

Battle of Bristoe Station

White Stone Hill

Battle of White Stone Hill

Siege of Charleston

Siege of Charleston

Quack Medicine

Quack Medicine



Cavarly Battle

Cavalry Battle


Sioux War

Fort Moultrie

Fort Moultrie

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Chickamauga

Battle of Chickamauga

You are viewing an original illustration of the Battle of Chickamauga in the Civil War.  The illustration is from Harper's Weekly.   The picture is captioned, "The Battle of Chickamauga - Thomas's Men Repulsing the Charge of the Rebels. - [See Page 690]"




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