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Civil War Harper's Weekly, June 18, 1864

Welcome to our online collection of original Harper's Weekly newspapers. These papers have important illustrations, and first hand accounts of the key events of the war. Study of this material yields a new understanding of the war.

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Battle Cold Harbor

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Richmond Battle Map


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Battle of Resaca Georgia

Civil War Battle

Civil War Battle

North Anna River

Battle of North Anna River







[JUNE 18, 1864.


MORTON'S GOLD PENS are now sold at the same prices as before the commencement of the war ; this is entirely owing to the Manufacturer's improvements in machinery, his present large Retail Business and Cash-in-Advance System ; for, until he commenced advertising, his business was done on Credit and strictly with the Trade.

The Morton Gold Pens are the only ones sold at old prices, as the makers of all other gold pens charge the Premium on the Gold, Government Tax, &c. ; but Morton has in no case changed his prices, Wholesale or Retail.

Of the great numbers sent by mail to all parts of the world during the past few years, not one in a thousand has failed to reach its destination in safety ; showing that the Morton Gold Pen can be obtained by any one, in every part of the world, at the same price, postage only excepted.

Reader, you can have an enduring, always ready, and reliable Gold Pen, exactly adapted to your hand and style of writing, which will do your writing vastly cheaper than Steel Pens ; and at the present almost universal High Pressure Price of everything, you can have a Morton Gold Pen cheaper, in proportion to the labor spent upon it and material used, than any other Gold Pen in the World. If you want one, see "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword," on next page.

Turnip Seeds.

We desire to remind

Dealers in Seeds

Of the near approach of the season for sowing Turnip and Ruta Baga. We shall be able to offer a large supply of all the approved varieties, and let it be observed,



We have not, and shall not have an ounce of Imported Seed.

Our Turnip Seed Circular, with particulars of interest to Dealers in


will be mailed to all who apply.

Nos. 21 and 23 South Sixth Street,

Asthma Cured.

Relief guaranteed in Ten Minutes, and a

permanent cure effected by the use of " UPHAM'S ASTHMA Coon." Cases of from ten to twenty years' standing yield at once to its influence. Price $2. Sent post-paid to any address, by S. C. UPHAM, 25 South Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Circulars seat free.

Burnett's Cocoaine.

The editor of the Westmorland (N. B.) Times says, a man there has been cured of baldness by the use of Burnett's Cocoaine.


At your own homes. Thousands can realize a Hundred Dollars Weekly.—No utensils required except those found in every househould ; profits 100 per cent. ; demand staple as flour. It is the greatest discovery of the age. Full particulars sent on receipt of two stamps for return postage.

Address C. MUNRO BROWN, 74 Bleecker St., N. Y.

THE FUNNIEST GETTING FAT WITH SUCCESS. -10.000 sold in one day. Everybody and his wife,' including his wife's relations, are digesting our fun with a gusto that makes, the pockets of the publisher laugh and grow fat, fatter, fattest, and yet there is room. Second edition now ready.

DEAR READER, if you are a reader, do not fail to read the story about the KEROSENE ILE in the "Funniest" No. 2. You can read it over three, four or six times, and nearly split your sides, and laugh and cry, and cry and laugh each time, especially if you have some one to laugh with you—it is worth more than the most costly dinner. Sold everywhere at 10 cents.

Union Playing Cards.

Colonel for King, Goddess of Liberty for Queen, and Major for Jack. 52 enameled cards to the pack. Engles, Shields, Stars, and Flags are the suits, and you can play all the usual games. Two packs, in cases, mailed free on receipt of $1. The usual discount to the trade. Send for a Circular. Address   AMERICAN CARD COMPANY, 14 Chambers St., N. Y., or 165 William Street, N.Y.


WHISKERS OR MUSTACHES?—My Onguent will force them to grow heavily in six weeks (upon the smoothest face) without stain or injury to the skin. Price $1__ sent by mail, post free, to any address, on receipt of an order.   R. G. GRAHAM, No. 109 Nassau Street, N. Y.

$60 A MONTH! I want Agents at $60 a month, expenses paid, to sell my Everlasting Pencils, Oriental Burners, and 13 other articles. 15 circulars sent free. Address JOHN F. LORD, Biddeford, Maine,

Richmond Battle Map




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