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Civil War Harper's Weekly, January 28, 1865

This Harper's Weekly newspaper from the Civil War features unique news of the war, and fascinating illustrations. It covers some important events that occurred during the closing days of the War. This site features our entire collection of newspapers from the war for your perusal and study.

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General Slocum


Sherman's Freedmen

Fort Fisher

Capture of Fort Fisher

Savannah Holidays

Savannah Holidays

Savannah Occupied

Occupied Savannah

Howlett House

Howlett House Battery

Chicago Waterworks

Chicago Waterworks

Butler Command

General Butler Removed from Command

Sailors Reading

Sailors Reading Newspaper

Federal Point

Bombardment of Federal Point

Old Ads

Old Ads







[JANUARY 28, 1865.



SWELL No. 1. " You don't look up to the mark this morning." SWELL No. 2. " No, I'm not : I proposed yesterday." SWELL No. 1. "Rejected?"

SWELL No. 2. "No, by Jove! Accepted."


The immence popularity of " Gray's Patent Molded Collar has given rise to sundry imitations and infringements of my patents.

The pubic, and especially dealers in collars, are cautioned that all such violations of my rights will be strictly prosecuted.   SOLOMON'S. GRAY.

BOSTON, October 1, 1864.

Vineland Lands. To all Wanting Farms.

Large and thriving settlement, mild and beautiful, climate, 30 miles south of Philadelphia by railroad soil, producing large crops, which can now be seen growing. Ten, twenty, and fifty acre tracts, at from $25 to $35 per acre, payable within four years. Good business openings for manufactories and others. Churches, schools, and good society. It is now the most improving place East or West. Hundreds are settling and building. The beauty with which the place is laid out is unsurpassed. Letters answered. Papers giving full information will be sent free. Address CHAS. K. LANDIS, Vineland Post-Office, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

From, Report of Solon Robinson, Agricultural Editor of the Tribune : "It is one of the most extensive fertile tracts, in an almost level position and suitable condition for pleasant farming that we know of this side of the Western prairies.

And Dealers in all Classes of

Wrapping Twine made of Paper.
Twines and Paper. E. A. HARVEY, 84 Maiden Lane,N.Y.

Arthur's Magazine deservedly enjoys the reputation of being one of the best moral literary magazines published in America, Coburg Sentinel, C. W.


The HOME MAGAZINE for 1865 has been enlarged and improved, and made still more worthy of the eminent favor with which it has been received. Its character as a HIGH-TONED PERIODICAL, claiming public favor on the ground of real merit, will be carefully maintained ; while for variety, interest, usefulness, and all the attractions of literature and art essential to a time HOME MAGAZINE. the publishers will aim to make it SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS.

This Magazine is for sale by news dealers throughout the United States. The trade supplied by the American News Company, 121 Nassau Street, New York.

YEARLY TERMS, IN ADVANCE. One copy, $2 50 ; three copies, $6 00; five copies, and one to getter-up of club, $10 00 ; nine copies, and one to getter-up of club, $15 00.

A beautiful PREMIUM PLATE, entitled "THE INFANCY OF SHAKSPEARE," will be mailed to each person who sends us a club of subscribers. It will also be mailed to each single subscriber from whom we receive $2 50. Address   T. S. ARTHUR & CO.,

323 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

Cured by Bates' Patent Appliances. For descriptive pamphlet &c., address H. C. L. Mears, 277 W. 23d St., N. Y.

Notice to Soldiers, We have published three beautiful Certificates, of service, splendidly printed in five colors; size 11x16. No veteran or volunteer soldier should be without one of them. This war will soon be over, and every Union defender will want a memorial to leave behind him, to show he has done his duty to his country and the Union. We will send either of the three Certificates, inclosed in a pasteboard tube, to any address, by mail, on the receipt of 50 cents. Or we will send all three, as samples, on the receipt of $1.

GATES & GAMBLE. 143 Walnut Street, Cincinnati.

Look Here ! Upon receipt of 75 cts. I will send to any address, post-

paid, a copy, of the New Letter-Writer; or, Art of Polite Correspondence, W. J. RAYMOND, Box 5311, New York.

Valentines Sold or Consigned
BY THE NEW YORK UNION VALENTINE COMPANY, No. 134 William Street, Varying in price from 5 cents to $100 each. Being the only manufacturers in this country of GILT LACE PAPERS enables no to furnish a larger variety at higher discounts than any one else. $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, and $50 lots constantly on hand. Over 900,000 large-size Comic Valentines, all new patterns, 50 cents per gross. Valentine Cards, Envelopes, and Perfumed Sachets in Iarge variety. Call and examine them at the NEW YORK UNION VALENTINE COMPANY'S OFFICE, No. 134 William St., New York.

A BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVED GOLD PLATED WATCH, Double Case, Lever, Cap, small size, white enameled dial, cut hands, "English Movements," and correct time-keeper, with an accurate "Miniature Calendar," indicating the "Day of the Week, Month, ,&c.," in back case.

A single one sent free by mail to any address in a neat case, WITH A BEAUTIFUL VEST CHAIN, for only $10. A neat SILVER WATCH, same as above, with " Miniature Calendar," &c., specially adapted to the ARMY. Sent free

by mail, to any address, for only   $7. English and American Levers from $25 up. Good Watches of all descriptions low.

Address CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., Sole Importers, 38 & 40 Ann Street, New York.

The Premises Nos. 809 and 611 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, OPPOSITE THE CONTINENTAL HOTEL. The Building is one of the finest in the city. 48 ft. 10 in. X 17S ft. For terms, &c., apply to HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, New York.

Ladies' Furs altered and repaired.
BURKE, 210 Broadway, S. E. cor. Fulton St., N. Y.


Over 2000 Things Worth Knowing ! Sent post-paid for 25 cents ; Soldier's Edition, 30 cents. Address " UNION Book ASSOCIATION," Syracuse, N. Y.

AGENTS WANTED. One-Half Profit. Address Box 517, Boston, Mass.

is placed at the head of all American Magazines. It enlists the best American writers, is thoroughly national in tone, and treats topics of living interest. Its price is low, being only Four Dollars a year, or 35 cents a number. Clubs furnished at lower rates. The Magazine will be better than ever for the year 1565. Subscriptions should begin with the January number, which contains articles by Longfellow, Bryant, Whittier, Lowell, Holmes, Hawthorne, Mrs. Stowe, Bayard Taylor, and others. The January number sent as a specimen for 25 cents. Address

TICKNOR & FIELDS, Boston, Mass,

And a splendid WATCH given free, selling our Latest Novelty now creating such an Immense Sensation and extraordinary demand throughout the Army and Country. The Great, New, and Wonderful PRIZE PORT-FOLIOS. Extra Large. Size 6 by 10. Just Out. Each of which contains Several Dollars' Worth of useful and Valuable Goods, Writing Materials, Stationery, PRIZES, &c. Price only 25 cents. Articles that Soldiers and Families can not do without. Thousands sold every day. 100 Port-folios, with Jewelry, &c., and a beautiful watch, sent to any address on receipt of $15. Soldiers can clear a Month's Pay in one day. Agents wanted in every town, village, and camp for this Standard Article. A splendid Gold or Silver WATCH presented free as a premium to every Agent. This is the greatest money making and surest business of the day. Profits very large. Sales rapid. We guarantee any agent $15 per day. All goods forwarded, with premiums, same day the order is received. Catalogues, with Premium Inducements, sent free. S. C. RICKARDS & CO., 102 Nassau Street, New York, Sole Manufacturers.

Now Ready Dawley's War Novel, No. 2, PAULINE, THE FEMALE SPY. Illustrated. Illuminated cover. Price 25c. ; trade, $12 50 per 100. Sold every where. T. R. Dawley, Pub., N. Y. " An admirable Novel. It is a picture of life so true and vivid as to rivet the attention from first to last."--LONDON READER. HARPER & BROTHERS, NEW YORK,
Publish, this Day:

By the Author of " Owen: A Waif," &c.

8vo, Paper, 75 cents.


Saturday Review.

A healthier novel we have not seen for many a season. To have depicted such a character as Mattie Gray, and to have depicted it successfully, is no slight achievement either ethical or aesthetical.

Athenoeum. " Mattie ; a Stray," is a novel that ought to take a higher rank than that of an ephemeral work of fiction. Mattie is a charming heroine. She and her life are painted after the life. The story is full of interest at every page.

Spectator. There is great ability in this book.

Sun. A very attractive, interesting, and naturally-told tale. It well sustains the author's high reputation.

Reader. An admirable Novel. It is a picture of life so true and vivid as to rivet the attention from first to last.

John Bull. The story of "Hattie : a Stray," is fully worthy of the author's high reputation. The interest is well sustained throughout, and the descriptive passages are given with unusual power. It bids fair to be one of the most popular novels of the season. HARPER & BROTHERS Have Just Published:

THE BOUND VOLUME OF HARPER'S WEEKLY, 1864. Harper's Weekly for the Year 1864, with over 1000 Illustrations. 852 pages, 4to, substantially bound in Cloth. Price $7 00.

Also, now ready, complete sets, Vols. I. to VIII, bound in Cloth; $7 00 per vol.

CAPTAIN HALL'S ARCTIC RESEARCHES AND LIFE AMONG THE ESQUIMAUX. Arctic Researches and Life among the Esquimaux : being the Narrative of an Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin, in the years 1860, 1861, and 1862. By CHARLES FRANCIS HALL. With Maps and 100 Illustrations, beautifully engraved from Designs by CHARLES PARSONS, HENERY L. STEPHENS, SOL. EYTHINGE, W. S. L. JEWETT, and GRANVILLE PERKINS, after Sketches by Mr. HALL and Photographs. 8vo, Cloth, $4 50 ; Half Morocco, $6 50.


QUEENS OF SONG : being Memoirs of some of the most celebrated Female Vocalists who have performed on the Lyric Stage from the Earliest Days of Opera to the Present Time. To which is added a Chronolgical List of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe. By ELLEN CREATHORNE CLAYTON. With Portraits of Mrs.

Billington, Madame Pasta, Madame Sontag, Madame Garcia Malibran, Madame Giulia Grisi. Madame Clara Novelle, Madame Viardot Garcia, Madame Marietta Alboni, Madame Jenny Lind Goldschmidt, and Madame Marietta Piccolomini. 8vo, Cloth, $3 00 ; Half Morocco, $4 50.

QUITE ALONE. A Novel. By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents. (The new edition will be ready in a few days.)

MARGARET DENZIL'S HISTORY. Annotated by her Husband. A Novel. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

Any of the above works sent by mail, postage-free,
on receipt of price.

SLOCUM'S Patent Side-Loading REVOLVER

Length, 7 1/2 Inches. Weight, 14 Ounces.
Carries a No. 32 Metallic Cartridge.

Its advantages over all other are :

1st. It does not require special ammunition.

2d. It is perfectly safe while being loaded.

3d. It can be loaded in the dark, and quicker than any other pistol.

4th. It can be carried in the pocket, without danger, when loaded.

5th. It is sure fire, and possesses great strength. FOR SALE BY THE TRADE GENERALLY.


105 and 107 Chambers Street, New York. Descriptive Circulars furnished upon application.





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